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By polo27


Hi, My name is polo,

I can`t keep any plants alive for long and even manage to distroy fulse plants .
My back garden is slabs and fenced all round, its not that big but its private, but it needs colour and plants , i have brought a number of different plants and need all the help i can get to look after them, and keep them alive.

I want to make my garden into a oassis full of lovely pants and flowers,
I do not know what kind or anything about plants or flowers,
I have one Tasmanian tree fern , 4 honeysuckles , 2, plants i don`t know the name of, and 3 more i don`t know what thay are,

So i`m not doing very good at the moment and plus i really don`t know how to work this program very well, so please any idea`s on my garden and help with getting around this program would be great ,

thanks for reading, have a good day.

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Hi Polo and welcome to GoY... any chance of putting up some pix. ofthe plants - we might be able to help you then

19 Apr, 2009


Hello Polo.
There are lots of members on GoY and they will help you with advice and information about plants and gardening.

You have plenty of enthusiasm so that's a very good start !
If you click on my avatar photo of my dog pushing the wheelbarrow and then click on "leave a private message", you can tell me what you don't understand about the workings of GoY and I'll try to help. You'll be able to find my answer to you by clicking on your "in box".

best wishes, Terra.

19 Apr, 2009


Hi Polo, welcome to Goy, you've come to the right place...

Depending on what sort of plants you like and how low or high maintenance garden you want, you'll also need to look at how much or little sun your garden gets. Then you need to factor in how small or big your plants will grow over a 10 year period.

My garden has been based on plants for wildlife. You may decide to put in a still water pond. I'm sure you can create several "areas" of plants if you wanted. Maybe including a table and chair for sitting in and admiring your garden.

Visit gardens and garden centres. That should also whet your appetite for what you like. Make a list of what you do like and see if you can design them into the areas you are thinking of for them.

Above all, happy hunting, it's not a race!

19 Apr, 2009


In a nut shell Craftnutter is telling you to educate yourself about the plants you desire. You have assisted yourself greatly by joining this site. Before purchasing a plant you like find out if your garden is suitable for that plant. That way you may find out that it is not your "brown thumb" with the correct knowlege that "brown thumb" will turn into a "green thumb" Welcome to GOY!

19 Apr, 2009


Hi Polo ~Welcome to GOY :0)

19 Apr, 2009


Welcome!!! its a great site and very friendly :o)

19 Apr, 2009


Hi welcome to GOY.

19 Apr, 2009


Welcome to GOY

19 Apr, 2009


Hi , Welcome to GoY.
If you put photos of your plants you'll find lots of people willing to help you name them.

19 Apr, 2009

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