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The hedges are there for a very good reason – wind!!
We are surrounded by open farmland so there’s not much to stop the wind, which is a great shame as there are some great views including Lincoln cathedral which is some 16 miles away.

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Yes, it seems to have been a very windy year... so your hedges would have been working overtime to protect you.. :o)

3 Oct, 2009


You certainly need hedges in north norfolk and on up to Lincoln Pmg or you would have no soil left all blown away. I was in Lincoln for the weekend this summer. Lovely around the Cathedral, which as you said you can see for miles and the shopping centre (new since I was last there) on the river is very nice too. There was a steam engine/train in the station as we drove past so it was a lovely visit.

3 Oct, 2009


Hi Pmg welcome to GoY, it is very windy here in Manchester today too, very strong gusts, I have had to retrieve some of my pots to indoors until it passes.

3 Oct, 2009


Winds are really awful here today - gusting and blowing everything about! I've been out retrieving some of my pots and plants too! Was hoping to plant up some of my bulbs but not today I think!
Welcome to Goy.

3 Oct, 2009


And here! Welcome from me, as well. :-)

I tidied up all the fallen vine leaves yesterday - nobody would believe it, now!

3 Oct, 2009


an interesting problem about wind breaks and hedges.
an area here had a long sloping ground and the wind kept devastating the crops that as well as wind sensitive were also frost sensitive.
so all the farmers grew shelter belts and all was ok till one winter all the shelter belts stopped the cool air from flowing past the plants and settled between the shelter belts and so now days the farmers have to ether light flares or hire helicopters to blow an early frost away,

19 Jan, 2010

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