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Oh Dear !!! just when I thought Spring was just around the corner, Mother Nature surprises us yet again! Cold, Frosty nights and sunny days, an interesting combination. Still as they say, “these things are sent to try us” and looking on the bright side, in another 60 days we’ll be into June and the weather has to be better by then.

Now with stronger daylight comes higher temperatures, meaning you can expose your Plumeria to more direct daylight for longer without the worry of sudden temperature drops. Granted overcast rainy days do not help, but these are quite often interspersed with spells of sunshine, which can be cashed in on, especially if you don’t have to worry about your Plumeria catching a chill. On this note thou, whilst it is definitely warmer, it is still to cold to put Plumeria outside and I would still refrain from leaving the plant next to a window pane overnight.

These weather variations may only seem subtle, but will make all the difference to your Plumeria. As with the birds and spring flowers these little changes are nature’s way of signalling that winters over and spring has started. Somehow this message goes straight to the heart of a Plumeria, causing it to slowly awake or go from tickover straight into first gear! A greening tip, a fattening stem, little claws appearing and slowly opening are all signs that your Plumeria is waking up and getting ready to flourish

With the onset of spring, your Plumerias thirst will increase as it starts to grow. Now it’s important not to go watering mad, as turning your Plumerias cosy pot into a marshland can have disastrous results! If your unsure, then try one of our Water Monitors, as these are the perfect way to ensure your Plumeria gets just the amount of water it needs, whilst avoiding the dangers of overwatering. Using a drip tray is an excellent way to administer water, as this allows the Plumeria to drink what and when it requires, whilst also enabling a few drops of SuperThrive to be added, as a special treat, to give your Plumeria a real boost!

If your Plumeria is still dormant or like many of ours has been packed away for the winter, you should now be starting to bring it out into the daylight to gently wake it up. The best way to do this is to give it a small drink, place it in a warm position, and expose it to as much sunlight as you can. A Spotlamp can be a great way of doing this as it generates both heat and light, but don’t put it to close, as whilst your Plumeria will love it, you don’t want to burn the tip. Likewise placing your Plumeria above a working heat source like a radiator can be a great way to warm it up, but do make sure your pot is not directly on the radiator and that it is not to hot. Believe me boiled Plumeria is not a pretty sight.

So with the clocks having gone forward, creating lighter evenings and eventually lighter mornings, it’s the ideal time to ensure you have everything you need to get your Plumeria fully up and running, already for Summer Blooming!

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Neil Dimery

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