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confused and possibly poisoned


Can anyone help here please? I bought a miniature ornamental cherry and didn’t prune it. Four years on it appears to have changed in to a green gage tree so I ate one of the fruits just to see, then wondered if this was possible and what I had really eaten. Can a cherry change to a gree gage through lack of pruning of should I go to A & E?

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Perhaps it was always a greengage?..a .question of wrong label?..

28 Aug, 2009


Do you feel OK? Even if it were a green 'Ornamental' Cherry one fruit shouldnt be too bad (maybe a bit of tummy ache?) On the tree changing question - My Mother in Law has a Cherry Plumb tree, most of the fruits are little golden plumbs but a few come out as deep red cherries (look and taste nothing like the plumbs).

28 Aug, 2009

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