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African Jasmine


By Stan510

African Jasmine (Stephanotis floribunda)

A different Jasmine. A moderate grower on moderate watering.
The color is a pure beam..something like that.

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That's Madagascar jasmine, right?

Stephanotis floribunda? :>)

2 Aug, 2016


Yep. First flowering of the year..its picked up some steam the last week or so.

3 Aug, 2016


I really like this vine. It's so fragrant and beautiful! I had a friend in Castro Valley that had this vine as a ground cover all in their front yard. It was very fragrant!

3 Aug, 2016


That's a different Jasmine. This is strictly a climber. I have shrubby- vining South African Jasmine also..smaller blooms. There are A LOT of Jasmine sp. out there. J.sambac is the Jasmine tea fame.

3 Aug, 2016


I'm very familiar with Stephanotis floribunda. I'm from Hawaii, it's used extensively there as a wedding flower. It can actually grow as a ground cover, also. I know most of the time it is grown on a trellis or pergola. Stephanotis floribunda is native to Madagascar not Africa (I just say that because you called it: African Jasmine). :>)

When I saw it used as a growing cover on a hill in Castro Valley I was very shocked! Because I thought the same's a climber not a crawler. I guess because it was on a hill it grew very well. I was also surprised it grew so well and big there...because it doesn't like wet feet and too much cold.

Yours vine looks like the veriegated form, though. The variegated form tends to be even more tender to cold. Has it ever been damaged by cold?

4 Aug, 2016


No,that's Ivy photo bombing. You saw Stephanotis in Castro Valley big? wow. Not arguing I just never heard of it myselg going big here...but big in SD or like that.
This is life being funny again Andy. On another board (International Tropical Fruit Forum) a guy in La Habra went insanely angry arguing that no Mangoes grow in the bay area or Avocado's. Why he was angry to the point he was obscene? I have no idea. THE IDEA of those growing in the bay area set him off. I did post the Fremont Mango and he came back with "Its the only one". I have one..didn't matter.

I meant

5 Aug, 2016


I just noticed that's an ivy leaf! LOL!

I'm didn't mean to come across as arguing! Sorry! I just meant I know Stephanotis floribunda very well. I've seen many growing and flourishing all around the SF Bay Area for years. It's a pretty tough plant there. I've never seen it get damaged by cold...even though I know it's rated down to only to 28 degrees. That's why I asked the question if your vine had ever been damaged by cold?

Luckily, I lived in the SF Bay Area. I know the micro-climates very well. I know some people have no clue...and they shouldn't make definitive statements on things they know nothing about! I remember a person in Florida who was shocked to hear that Jacaranda trees and Queen palms grew very well in SF Bay Area. I told him they grow better than in Central Florida where they get burned from cold a lot more than the SF Bay Area. Even in the 1990 Freeze, I rarely saw any Queen palms burned at all! The younger Jacaranda trees had some problems; however, older ones were unscathed!(except in the marginal areas).

5 Aug, 2016


Plus,that was 26 years ago..the USDA moved the bay area up a half zone.
The Stephanotis, Andy, only once showed frost. 2007,when it was still in a pot on my front porch near a front pillar. Only leafs,no stems were killed.
Since in ground? Only too dry and too much sun- since I cut the Brug down,its having to acclimate.
One year it hardly grew..Gophers. I bet.

5 Aug, 2016


I knew it was a pretty hardy vine. I know it used to be pretty widely grown in the SF Bay Area.

9 Aug, 2016

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