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Our Open Day is Looming!!


We only have 6 days til our 4th Open Day & still lots to do!
The weather has turned cool & cloudy so although I have been up early most days, I’m not so keen to get so much pre-breakfast time in the garden as I have done over the last weeks when the sun woke me & it was warmer earlier! So this morning I’m finishing this blog that I started 2 weeks ago!

I have a list of things to do(mostly in my head) – lots of new plants have been planted with a few still waiting, filling gaps where the harsh winter killed so many – though some surprises of ones we thought to be dead have put out new shoots. Dieramas are showing new leaves and at least one Liriope is doing the same!

The big surprise is that 2 Ginger Lilies have survived, Assam Orange has a nice new shoot & a rhizome of the lovely Gardnerianum is nice & firm – they only had a medium covering of leaves & a few small eucalypt branches to stop the leaves from blowing away, but amazingly enough to cope with the freezing they must have had!

Another surprise is the survival of my Tetrapanax – I was almost at the point of consigning it to the composting containers, but just the other day I found a tiny new shoot! This plant is in a large pot in a reasonably protected corner but I hadn’t got round to giving it any extra ‘wrapping-up’ last season so was not very hopeful!

We’re hoping visitors will not mind that we have a large dead Eucalypt & an unhappy Arbutus still standing – having them felled earlier was not an option especially as a Collared Dove decided to nest in the Eucalypt!

Sadly about a week after we spotted this their nest was predated by a crow, we think as I chased one off a day or two before, but it obviously sneeked back-so now we have our Tree Surgeon booked for after the Open Day.

Here in the Midlands there’s not been a lot of rain for a long while, but on the last Bank Holiday Monday, we had a whole day of rain – not much fun for those having a day off work – but great for the garden! I took lovely pics of my Stipa gigantea holding the rain drops -

These next two pics are of the wild flower & pond area which is looking good at the moment with lots of pink campion & the owl wisely looking on!

Yesterday evening all of us ‘Open Gardeners’ met up & visited each others gardens. This was something we decided to do in our first year as a way of doing what we wouldn’t be able to do on the day! Also a good time to sort out any last minute questions & to distribute the ‘Passports’, direction signs, posters for last minute advertising & fliers for round the neighbours.

We have a local community magazine and this month we’re really pleased with a whole page article on our Open Day which is also on the magazine website! I wonder how many more visitors we should expect!!
I’ve just thought that I haven’t stocked up on cakes for refreshments – help – I think my early mornings have just been filled with baking time!
I visited my daughter this eve to plant some summer pots & wall baskets for her & ventured to ask if she would help me out with cakes & she said she would so that relieves me somewhat!
Now its just a matter of getting things tidy, pricing plants for sale ………. & may be some sleep would be good too ..

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Good luk with your Open Day - I hope the weather is nice as it always brings more people out doesn't it ?

You'll be exhausted by the time you've finished !

7 Jun, 2011


It must be wonderful to have a garden big enough to open up to the public. A lot of love, hard work and dedication. Mine is very small, but I do have a regular lady passer by on the foot path, who looks over the fence to admire my small plot. It's so gratifying when other people appreciate our gardens. :^)

7 Jun, 2011


Thanks Mariek, I'm already exhausted!! But worth it on the day, I'm on a 'high' all day, then next day collapse! A well earned holiday I think.
Thanks Teds, it is good to have people make nice comments, but a garden doesn't have to be big to open to the public - ours is a corner plot & isn't huge, but bigger than an average modern house plot-there are 7 others of varied sizes opening on the day - 3 more would have but are on hols, so poss 11 next year.

7 Jun, 2011


So do you open as a village? I really enjoy these days - you get to see so many different types, styles and sizes of gardens. Good luck, and may the sun shine on you. :-)

7 Jun, 2011


Good luck hope all goes well:)

7 Jun, 2011


We open as a town, Spritz. We're a small market town - see website link - so not quite as easy as a village, no 'village hall' as a refreshment centre. Some walk or cycle round, but most do use their car for quickness. I'm still doing last minute things - getting plants for sale ready & labelling etc. We also open Thurs(tomorrow!) for our church members!

8 Jun, 2011


Good luck Pixielady! You're a braver soul than I! I hope you have good weather for your day!

9 Jun, 2011


Thanks Nana & Libet & all of you for your good wishes for our Open Day - today was our special open day for any church members & those that came were very complimentary with two ladies staying for over two hours!! We had mostly warm sunshine with an odd few drops of rain - so please showers on Friday but the same as today will be ideal for Saturday.

9 Jun, 2011


Oh - good luck, Pixie. Let us know how it goes, won't you.

10 Jun, 2011

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