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st patrics day


some year ago i had a very realistic rowing boat that was radio controlled
the 2 green clothed figures worked differently to each other due perhaps sloppy linkages .
the mechanics were invisible from a few feet away and the 1 meter clinker model boat was very realistic.
however one day i took it rowing early one morning on a lake and it was a bit foggy so when a small fog bank decended on th e2 men in th eboat i promptly turned them around towards the shore.
just then a gent strolled down to the shore and spied the boat rowing out of the fog bank.
i am sure his hair was standing on end and when he spied me with the radio transmitter he said
“begorra it st Patrics day and i thought i was seeing little green men for the first time in 100 years

they are in white clothes here but they have several changes of clothes

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bet he was glad when he found out what it was lol :o))

17 Mar, 2010


What a great story, PD! Very appropriate for today, being St Patrick's Day!

17 Mar, 2010


made me smile before i've had my coffee this morning :o)

18 Mar, 2010


Haa Haa, my late Dad made me laugh as whilst away at sea (he was RN) he made a replica of his ship with him at the helm and on the first sunday home we went down to canoe lake (Southsea, nr Portsmouth) and off it went with him controlling it - it got about 20ft away and promptly sunk!!! - he didnt think twice just jumped in and went and got it - you should have seen my Mum and me our faces were a picture!! He explained later he had spent so many hours on it he didnt want to lose it - it spent the next few years in a cabinet being admired!!!

I'm glad yours had more success even if you did frighten someone!!!

18 Mar, 2010


genuisscuffy that just reminded me of my first model two masted schooner i was so proud of it that i set it off on a lake hoping that it would make a nearby shore where i could pick it up but a gust of wind sank it and never found it again-- lesson learnt--

18 Mar, 2010

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