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birds and more birds


most of the summer here ( 45 degrees south of equator)
we seldome see the small birds we call wax eyes.
so when we decided to put a large lump of lard that was going cheap in the pet shop we were absolutly amazed at the reaction.
all day a flock of these small colorfull birds attacked the package and even chased away the slightly larger sparows.
some times a larger bird would attack the food but this only meant that when the little birds returned the food was easier for them to dislodge.
so ove a 2 day period they 20 or more birds demolished some 3 pounds of food
it s 8 am and they are back here cleaning up the scraps
im wondering just how they can still fly with all that food in them.

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3rd day and a new lump of lard and there seems to be about 20 birds taking turns to attack it

24 Jul, 2010


What a great report, Pd :-))))
I've just googled those birds and aren't they attractive little things, you're so lucky to have them - it said they have bristled tongues so they can 'drink' the nectars easily .... a bit like some of the parrots, they too have those bristle/brush-like tongues.

24 Jul, 2010


Their success as a species has probably a lot to do with their varied diet which is mainly comprised of insects, fruit and nectar, but they will also readily take--- fat,---cooked meat, bread and sugar water from bird tables. But in winter when food supplies such as berries become scarce, very many of them perish.

just found out a bit more and one surprising fact is that they can live to 12 years and can have more than one brood in a year

after winter they pair up and attack the garden insects so could be i have found some friends for this summer

24 Jul, 2010


I 'do' hope so :-))

24 Jul, 2010


the birds a flock of 20 plus have now demolished some 4 kg of lard

and they can still fly
with all that food in them

25 Jul, 2010


Crikey, they must be hungry :-/

26 Jul, 2010


lol went to get a 3rd lump and the local shop has run out till tomorow
so sad to say they have to wait with full bellys
till the next day
for the next 2 kg

26 Jul, 2010


You'll have the RSPCA after you for "cruelty" to animals! Filling up their bellies with so much lard they can hardly fly! LOL

29 Jul, 2010


more lard and they are back at it again
we got a spare lot for tomorrow

29 Jul, 2010

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