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leek disease


By pickle


Following previous comment that I was trying a planting of AfricanMarigold round and amongst the leeks…it seems to have worked. Neighbouring allotment holders have leeks collapsing, while mine are happy. Sprayed occasionally but I think the flowers did the trick.Pretty too. Fingers still crossed!

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well done Pickle, good to hear of vegetable triumphs isn't it.
Did you grow the marigolds from seed, and I'm interested to know what you sprayed with for this problem specifically?

24 Sep, 2010


I've heard marigolds make good companion plants. It seems to be true then. :o) That's great !

25 Sep, 2010


Good to hear, Pickle!

25 Sep, 2010


A friend of mine grows his salad crop in his greenhouse, and always has marigolds growing with them, swears by it. Apparently keeps green - blackfly at bay.

25 Sep, 2010


Actually I dusted occasionally with Derris because I thought it might stick on the leaves a bit, and used a bio-friendly spray once or twice but was on holiday for most of June and two weeks in September so I really do think it was the African Marigolds that did the trick - Suttons Crackerjack I think (I'm a bad record keeper especially when buying next years's seed cheaply from bins in Wyevale when they sell off this year's for 50p a packet rather than making a proper order and having the list to refer to).Fingers still crossed though.

26 Sep, 2010

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