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Photos tagged as "shade"

  • Lower Garden Summer
    By Fourseasons..
  • Virgin's Bower (Clematis virginiana)
    By Diohio
  • tree fern frong (Dicksonia antarctica (Soft tree fern))
    By Rachelscott..
  • 8 yr old perennial bed
    By Tammielee
  • My Begonia bed
    By Tammielee
  • My Begonia bed 2
    By Tammielee
  • Very shady rock garden
    By Tammielee
  • Euphorbia purpurea (Euphorbia purpurea)
    By Sid
  • Looking down my garden
    By Lobelialover
  • Yellow Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum (Adder Leaf))
    By Diohio
  • hellebore (Helleborus x orientalis (Lenten rose))
    By Sarah65
  • Acer Palmatum 'Red Dragon' (Acer Palmatum 'Red Dragon')
    By Goringfolly