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Photos tagged as "berries"

  • coffee beans on tree
    By Raquel
  • IMG_0322.jpg
    By Gardengem
  • Feather Palm (Chamaedorea microspadix)
    By Gardengem
  • DSCF4829.jpg
    By Elke
  • DSCF4837.jpg
    By Elke
  • DSCF4841.jpg
    By Elke
  • Mondo grass berries. (Ophiopogon planiscapus (Lilyturf))
    By Reebeesfleurs
  • Spotted Laurel berries (Aucuba japonica (Spotted Laurel))
    By Songhurst
  • Cottoneaster Horizontalis
    By Pansypotter
  • Baneberry (Actaea Rubra)
    By Amy
  • Honeysuckle berries
    By Fluff
  • They look Tempting!
    By Pansypotter