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Photos tagged as "Flowering"

  • Amaryllis bulbs (1st of 2017) flowering in kitchen 12th February 2017 004 (Amaryllis Hippeastrum)
    By Balcony
  • Rebutia muscula (Rebutia muscula)
    By Chwiliwr
  • Bearded Irises
    By Feverfew
  • A garden flower photo
    By Oldbindweed
  • Winter flowering Violas
    By Oldbindweed
  • crocus on 19.3.18
    By Scotsgran
  • P1260242
    By Scotsgran
  • Rhubarb 'Champagne'
    By Scotsgran
  • Helleborus argutifolius
    By Scotsgran
  • Hellebore just starting to flower after pushing up through that icy snow
    By Scotsgran
  • Allspice Tree Flowering (Pimenta dioica) (Pimenta dioica (Allspice))
    By Delonix1
  • white flowering bush 1.gif
    By Pamelaanne