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March many weathers!


By Janey

March many weathers!

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....... Despite your urn all wet with rain,
the primroses are back again.......... :o)

8 Mar, 2009


Could be rain...Could be Finn
who knows where that waters bin! :o)

8 Mar, 2009


I've a pup here, I should know...
Never eat the yellow snow. :o)

8 Mar, 2009


He..he....oh Truffle pick a tree....
to sprinkle with your puppy p......! :o)

8 Mar, 2009


he, he
Little Truffle ~
Please, pick a tree, p.. on some slugs,
just stop on my rugs........

8 Mar, 2009


I love that pot Janey ... :o)

Little Truffle is toooo good to do something like that isn,t he TT.. LOL ..

8 Mar, 2009


Thanks to Truffle, in the past month, the kitchen roll manufacturers' output has doubled ~
Bucking the trend of the recession, anyone making kitchen rolls will be holidaying in Hawaii. ;o)

8 Mar, 2009


Love the urn!

8 Mar, 2009


I love the urn, wet or dry!

TT, Asda sell a large blue industrial type paper roll for £2.50. It very thick and soaks up loads of um, wetness! I use it for the tortoises who flood in turn throughout the day!!

8 Mar, 2009


Do they Gee?...Never thought about tortoises like that!lol

8 Mar, 2009


Great Urn Janey is it very Old? :) I know of that Blue Roll Paper TT & its good stuff :)

8 Mar, 2009


Thanks for the advice about blue paper.
I'm not near an Asda :o(
....... but a friend sometimes goes to Plymouth ~
There's an Asda there. Lol.

8 Mar, 2009


TT you'll have to train
Little Truffle out in the rain
To water well a garden tree
and not the rug by your settee!!

8 Mar, 2009


Think it is old Jacque......Ian found it in a barn in Spain he was building on. Think it is a water urn.

8 Mar, 2009


~shame Janey I was hoping you would say ~got the urn at so and so~Spain's a bit far!
How much's a Greek urn(earn)~used to be 40 drachmas per hour but now would be euros?

8 Mar, 2009


Arlene, Spain is not that far ~
You could drive there in your car!
Costs these days are very cruel ~
Take a mortgage on some fuel.

Looking for a Spanish Greek ?
Need an urn without a leak ?
Pots like Janey's would be nice,
If you can afford the price.

Truffle now makes fewer puddles,
Spends more time enjoying cuddles.
Knows to go outside, not in ~
Sends a wag to cousin Finn. :o)

12 Mar, 2009


Great poem TT!.....Well done! :o)

My pots were cheap, do you know
Only such a way to go
Let's all travel in Arlene's car
Then it won't seem so far!

Dreams of urns and pots galore
While we paddle by the shore
Enjoying sun and sea and sand
In this not too far off land.

A little break is all we need
From dogs and cats and family
So Come On Arlene, what do you say
We'll pay for fuel and be on our way?

12 Mar, 2009


~good job we have a nice five seater
with useful engine~a three litre
will pick you up and soon we will learn
where we can all buy our urn
but never mind if we can't get any sun
no doubt we will all have had some fun
we'll fly through customs with TT 's duffle
containing Harvey,Merl and dear Truffle
and home at last with urn's we will say
didn't we have a jolly good day!

12 Mar, 2009


Ha...Ha...great Arlene!

My friends you're all so dear
Having so much fun on here,
We dream away, of days to come
When the air is warm and full of sun

Those days we'll have no time to play
When in the garden we'll have to stay
Weeding, pruning, watering deep
Turning over the compost heap

We'll remember the early Spring
When we couldn't wait for everything
To grow
And Show
And we know why
To post our pics on GOY!

13 Mar, 2009


Funny that this pot so rainy
Photographed by good friend Janey
Leads us to so many verses
Makes us check inside our purses.

Have we euros ? Have we pence ?
To go beyond the garden fence.
Make our way to sunny Spain,
Shop, and then come back again ?

Have we pounds and cents to burn ?
Shall we go to buy an urn ?
Janey knows the Spanish jargon,
Knows where we can get a bargain.

Then back home, we've left the heat,
Urns will make our gardens neat.
Plant them round with rocks and roses,
Blooms with scent to greet our noses.

Urns will have new British homes,
Sat beside our garden gnomes.
Then we'll know just what to do ~
Take some pics for Grows On You !

13 Mar, 2009


Wonderful TT!!!!!
I think you and me
Were tapping away telepathically
Both have the same ending....look and see!

13 Mar, 2009

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