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Freeze is coming

Freeze is coming

....and it apparently will be deep one.
We spent 2days covering, wrapping and moving our plants to safer space, Forecast is for -12 and suppose to stay with us a whole week. I do not remember that we had anything similar since we moved here.
We do have a frost every year but mostly like -4 C and it is gone in a day or two so I am quite worry about this .....mainly about our hummingbirds. I am not sure how they will survive -12 degrees C.
The picture shows a sheet on my Daphne which is just opening its buds. The viburnum is almost in full bloom, the large camellia by the door is loaded with big buds and daffs and tulips are out of ground.
We cannot plant anything which is not hardy despite the fact that our zone is listed as 8 because ones in a decade we can get this cold.
I hope that the forecast is wrong and the front will move fast east before it gets here (tonight). :-(

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Oh Klahanie,I'm sorry to hear this. Can you fleece up your camelias or are they to tall and wide? It really is quite devastating, with all the care and attention and then this. I do hope the front moves quickly for you.
Are the hummingbirds always round the feeders? Is there any chance you have an open fronted barn or shed where you could put the feeders? Maybe have a heater in there? Just whilst the temps are very low.
And you must look after yourselves, keep warm and snug. x

11 Jan, 2024


I hope it doesn't get too cold for your plants Klahanie, extremes of temperature are not good.

12 Jan, 2024


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your lovely hummingbirds. Hopefully, it will be avoided, Klahanie.

12 Jan, 2024


How are you doing Klahanie? How is everything and the Hummingbirds?

13 Jan, 2024

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