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Disease on Jasmine Trachelospermum


By Alanb

Disease on Jasmine Trachelospermum

I would like some advice please. I planted 2 of these Jasmine on a South West facing fence (with trellis) in well draining soil. It grew vigorously for two years but this year a lot of the leaves have turned red/rust in colour. I also note there is a black ‘powder like’ deposit on 25% of the leaves. This is illustrated in the photograph. It has been fed and watered in my normal garden watering regime. Would anyone be able to advise as to a course of action or treatment to recover from this situation please. Thank you.

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This looks like sooty mould.
check the plant for scale insects [look like flattened woodlice or limpets] or greenfly. they secrete a sugary waste called honeydew that then provides food for the sooty moulds.

Wash the plant with cool soapy water if you can or use a fungicide designed for sooty mould.
After it is cleaned then tackle the pest problem. If there are only a few pests scrape them off. If you find a lot then choose a systemic insecticide and spray in the evening when beneficial insects re not in flight.

You might get more answers if you put this on the questions page Alan.

21 Apr, 2021


Thank you so much Seaburngirl for your time to respond. I did do some more research last night and found a couple of sites that suggest similar to your text above. One site suggested wiping off as much of the black soot as possible, then spray with Pravado Ultimate Bug Killer.

I did this last night. So I will post any improvement in the months to come. I must admit, I wasn’t aware of any ‘little visitors’, but there obviously has been.

I was going to submit it as a question, but couldn’t remember if you could enter a photo.

Thank you again. 👍

21 Apr, 2021


Oh dear I'm sorry to see this Alan , I have one I'm dashing outside to check on it , mine is still small it hasn't really got going yet .. I hope yours recovers for you ...

23 Apr, 2021


Thanks Amy, even after a couple of days, there is a few healthier shoots developing at the tips of the stems. So fingers crossed. We have another really healthy Jasmine on an arch in the back garden. Beautiful foliage and loads of it,
but not a flower in site, for 10 years. I asked a specialist about it, at the Tatton RHS Show a few years ago. The recommendation was to prune it hard and feed with half strength ‘Tomerite’.
I haven’t been brave enough to prune it hard but have cleared the border slightly (foliage on nearby trees) which has allowed it access to more sun. ‘Fingers crossed’

Great to hear from you and lets hope we have a great season with no more ‘lockdowns’. We should manage that if we take out time and adhere to the safety guidelines.

23 Apr, 2021


Seaburngirl, thank you for your advice. Just a quick update, after spraying the leaves with Pravado Ultimate Bug Killer and washing the leaves with cold soapy water the Jasmine has made a great recovery. I will post a new photo later this morning.

17 Jun, 2021


That's brilliant news. I wonder if the aphids were in the trees above it. My car used to be parked under a lime tree at work and the car regularly got covered in aphid honeydew. such a mess to wash out.

17 Jun, 2021


We have a similar problem with pine sap on our garden furniture.

17 Jun, 2021

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