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Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

A powerful herb used to lower cholesterol and detoxify the liver.

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Another pretty one and colour we dont need chemical drugs do we.

13 Jul, 2018


No I don't think we do. Some of the designer drugs have side effects that are worse than what it's used for. I think natures provides.

14 Jul, 2018


Nature provides all its knowing the mixture I was watching on you tube about pharmaceutical medication how tge companies dont want us to know about natural remedies how one doctor here who has our Queens doctor sitting by him agreeing how Statin are no good unless you have an heart attack and has put it on you tune to reach us to start questioning doctors he is challenging the companies and doctors telling the doctor your learning every day you dont know every thing and how Statins destroy the liver like water tablets do . If you eat a spotty banana each day you ll never get cancer it also helps the body stop holding water when your legs swell. Eat a piece of water melon each day which Tina Turner pop singer eats you ll never have a heart attack ir stroke eat 6 cherries every day is equal to one asprin.

Another states putting chemicals in your body its poison to your body and if you take two or more prescriptions a day you will die early and it brings on senial dementia quicker.

Canabis oil is curing cancwr here and other ailments our Prime Minister Thereasa Mays Husband is in with the French business with Canabis oil so does this tell you a lot.

14 Jul, 2018


I'm not surprised. That's why the legalization of Canibis is very slow with many hurdles & obstacles.

Did you know that bee venom will kill the AIDS virus? The virus will never be able to resist or mutate against bee venom as it does with all the synthetic anecdotes. That's because bee venom is complex and the AIDS Virus is simply overwhelmed and dies - no side effects. I wonder why all the bees are suddenly disappearing. Could it be intentional? Could there be a connection?

That would be disastrous to the pharmaceutical industry if the cure for AIDS was ever published. They would lose so much money on AIDS medication and Hospice Care because the people might actually survive and be cured. They don't want that!

14 Jul, 2018


That's brilliant to know aids was caused by a doctor two doctors two different types of chimps blood made.a vaccine they hired the local community to catch and kill the chimps and extract their blood they injected into the Africans one doctor did one lot the other another community then transported the vaccine to the European countries it was one of the doctors different species of chimps that caused the aids virus they did nt realise that a disease could jump from animal to man.

Yes of course the pharmicuticle company's would never let on nor would your government as tge pharmicuticle company's fund government and all your sports to keep you lot no knowing what they are really up to. Eg did nt you notice soon a Theresa May revealed her white paper England was doing well in football soon as it was revealed they team lost the finals.. Give them bread and a circus saying comes to mind we all are living a lie hence why I have no interest in mind bending games our political system uses and plays on us.

14 Jul, 2018


Yes, so much 'smoke & mirrors'. Politics is a big game - to conceal the truth, to kill & destroy innocent people. It's all driven by 2 things as you said: greed & lust. Money & sex to be blunt. WWII & Adolf Hitler was a big shell game. He was just a puppet.

14 Jul, 2018


Very true Paul the Rothchild's bankers were loaning Germany to bomb us in wwii and then loaning us money to hit the Germans who wins the banks and still.are doing it. Each of your presidents that have tried to reveal to the public about the con of the federal bank or tried to stop them have been assisinated. Even the square mile of London does not belonged to Britain did you know that. A lot of your tax s goes to the Vatican most of it some comes to us here in the UK.

14 Jul, 2018


No I didn't know that, but I'm sure there is much we don't know. The Vatican is one of the players - greed & lust. You never get enough of either.

The volcano eruption in Hawaii that won't stop, Mt. Kilauea was caused by the Rothchilds. God knows why! The Geothermal Ventures Plant, which was destroyed by lava, was owned by the Rothchilds. They triggered the volcanic eruption because they decided fracking on an active volcano was a good idea. A hydrogen bomb was also exploded deep underground to aggravate a naturally volatile volcano. They want the Hilana Slump to fall into the Pacific Ocean, which will trigger a mega tsunami which will hit the West Coast. That's what they are hoping for anyway. God knows why.

14 Jul, 2018


Yes question s on you tube are being asked why the Vatican is holding treasures and a relic of evil the devil when is suppose to be a Christain church and preaches against the devil held in their vault s under the vatican .

Yes I know about the fracking right by the volcanoe I did tell Andy Delonix 1 its to cut down population .

I ll send you a pm to prove I knew prior that England would nt get to the final and how local authorities knew too.

14 Jul, 2018

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