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Papaya after coldest weather.


By Stan510

Papaya after coldest weather. (Carica papaya (Common Pawpaw))

Not bad. Some topmost leafs singed. The goal now is to get it through what they are now calling the "potential wettest year on record for the bay area".

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It doesn't look bad. It may need to be covered just to prevent it from getting too soggy in all the rain that's expected up there.

My papayas did well here in winter 2004/2005. We had around 25 inches of rain that year (the most rain since I've lived in San Diego). My soil is very rocky, so it drains very quickly. I know most of the Bay Area has very clay soil which holds the moisture.

8 Jan, 2017


Hayward must be north San Diego Andy. So far only 1.10" the whole month and 6.70" the season. I doubt we will see the full 18" of our historical average this year.
The big river in Jan. has been a good drenching. But not like Octobers heavy rains.
One bonus.. 60-63f and rain is pretty nice. Lows almost the same as the high temps.

8 Jan, 2017


Well, it was 80 degrees here today and yesterday was 75 degrees sunny and dry! :>)) It's still in the low 60's at midnight.

We will get some rain on Monday...however, not very much, unfortunately. Luckily, the ground is still pretty no watering plants. YAY!

From what I've seen on the weather (on news) tonight the Bay Area is in for more big storms over this week. I hear the reservoirs are overflowing in some area. That's great news for the drought! :>))

9 Jan, 2017


60's here. Not bad. Its still dormant season for all plants anyways.
But we really missed in on the typhoon like rains. It was a soaker,not arkian.
Days are getting longer. Looking forward to ordering something again.

9 Jan, 2017


I see it's pretty mild up there with all the rain coming in...hopefully, the rain will space out nicely. Here it's been terrific! Warm weather then rain then warm and dry again. This is how it should be.

10 Jan, 2017


54 at dawn today. BUT one more big storm- its actually raining now,but the big stuff is later today.
The drought was officially called over in the bay area.
Niles was closed when a few drains were blocked and mud covered the road. That's my usual commute. Lucky the freeway was ok.

10 Jan, 2017


That's really mild for this time of year. I heard the storms are suppose to be very intense over the next couple of days.

Good luck with all the rain! That's great news that the drought is officially over there! I hope it's going to be over for us this year! However, we need a lot more rain for it to be over.

10 Jan, 2017


So glad to hear that California is getting some rain, again! Especially that the reservoirs are up to maximum. Good on ya!

13 Jan, 2017


Thanks Lori,Andy, NOW soucal is getting rain also.
To give you idea of how micro climate this state is..I was shocked to be told that Glendale- next to Los Angeles has had about 10" of rain this year..and Hayward up here 400 miles north is at 8.5"..and to me its soaking wet here in Hayward.
From this point on..its hope the Papaya doesn't fall over. There is plenty of chilled wet soil now.

13 Jan, 2017



We have been getting some good rains the last 5 weeks off-and-on. It's the wettest it's been in years. I think this year is going to make a huge dent in the drought here in San Diego. San Diego as of today is at 300 percent of normal rainfall. Yay! :>))

14 Jan, 2017



I hope your papayas don't fall over! Once established they can tolerate more rain, though. It's too bad the rains didn't come in summer, though (at least some, anyway).

14 Jan, 2017


I heard just today,a possible five storms in fourteen days starting Wednesday.
Maridol looks solid. The singed leaf parts have almost fallen off leaving it looking summer like. Just hoping it stays that way.
Mango looking roughed up on top..but very perky. Its spread more too. In all this cool...its still doing something.

How about down south? I hear more rains.

14 Jan, 2017


Everything is looking terrific here. All the plants are loving the all the rain! My Heliconias are growing and they should bloom this coming spring...they have bloomed in two years!

Even the Plumeria 'Samoan Fluff in my front yard is looking so good! The drought had really had the branches so shriveled up. I thought it was a goner. The branches have now plumped back up. Typically, plumeria trees hate a lot of rain in winter; however, with the severe drought they're looking good even though they're dormant.

I guess starting on Thursday we're getting more rain, maybe for 3 days. Supposedly another inch and half more rain. This is such good news here. :))

15 Jan, 2017


I saw a est. "soils temperature" website. It had bay area soils in the 43f range 4" deep...soucal was 53F. And why the Papaya has been my worry.

15 Jan, 2017


That's cold soil for a papaya. However, with this being said: Maradol papayas (like the ones you're growing) tolerate cooler temps better. I see a lot of papaya trees here. They look great and are full (100 fruit) of papayas! I really need to get some pics.

16 Jan, 2017


8 days late from the earlier post we are up to 8.7" of rain. We should be in the 10-11" range by Sunday..more storms,one is said to be a wallop.
Santol looks a little beat up. I think the last cold of mid 30's wasn't any help. We will see.
Guava's- Yellow,red,pink,all look perfect. The red and pink are more tender and still look good.I had expected some stress- or even worse after the 33f in December.

Again- in ground makes a difference. In 2007 I had a red Guava in a pot- it froze to death. Now,only if Crotons would obey that rule...

16 Jan, 2017


Yes, I hear these in-coming storms are going to be very potent! I just heard on the news that we may get up to 3" of rain by next Tuesday and 8 - 12 inches of rain in the foothills and mountains here. That's a tremendous amount of rain. We need it, and now it's coming! LOL! :>)) I guess this is what the meteorologist expected from last years' El NiƱo. It's a year late! LOL!

Guavas love water and they grow fast so your guavas should do well with all the rain. Your papayas are a different story. They look good for a while then may decline. Let's hope for the best! If they make it through this winter...then they should be great!

16 Jan, 2017


The Papaya on Tampa ave. is still standing. Hard to see if its thriving- they covered it with burlap. But,I could see green in there.

18 Jan, 2017


That's great! Hopefully, it'll survive this winter!

19 Jan, 2017

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