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Geranium, 'Johnson Blue'

Geranium, 'Johnson Blue'

Tall and bright this year, it cannot be overlooked. Just a little from a patch of someones garden, meant to be lily of the valley but this came as well and spread and grew to wonderfully. I'll have four or five plants when I move to spread around. :-)

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Ah, a cultural difference, Greenthumb. You call this Pelargonium 'Johnson Blue' in the UK a pelargonium is one of those non-hardy geraniums which remind everyone of the Mediterranean. We would call this Geranium 'Johnson Blue' or a Cranesbill. I have a friend from Australia, a professional horticulturalist, who helps with my garden. She went mad when I called this a Geranium and what we call a Pelargonium, just that. She insisted it was the other way round. Not very relevant but is of interest from the point of view of cross-pond semantics.

Are you moving? Hope it is somewhere where you can continue to put up pictures of fantastic winter scenes.

30 Jul, 2012


I went back and corrected it to geranium I thought. I guess it didn't take. I listed it botanically as geranium to match the GOY semantics anyway. :-) I do call them geraniums, but that is more common here as a name for the annual sort like those 'Mediterranean' sort. I do have to move and its not the best time of year for the plants, but its happening. I'm ready to go, but the new landlords seem to not even know if the current tenants have moved out yet!

31 Jul, 2012


Of all the snags you don't need it's slow movers! I hope they get mobile soon. You'll want to have your plants in the ground as fast as possible. Loved the pic of your "Peace" rose a few pages back. You can always pot other plants too. I bought three large black heavy plastic trays...about 2 ft wide and 3 ft. long...and 9 inches deep.
Shovelled my perennials in and tucked the small stuff around the kind cousin buried them in her transfer beds with lots of mulch and oak leaves on top and kept them for me til spring! Last spring was a frazzle for me...trying to locate, dig and prepare beds for all my stuff...not really knowing the lay of the land either. Things are looking better this year. It was an experience I don't want to repeat...but you'll enjoy the adventure a lot more from hindsight! May the force be with you! ;-)

1 Aug, 2012


I missed this somehow! Thank you about the rose, I did keep many things in their pots since no sense planting to dig again. I have a short distance so they are getting slung into plastic grocery bags, shipped quickly and plopped back into the ground. Moving pretty quickly, at least on my days off. One visit to the old place at night after work the others. 10 more days and I must be mostly done!

21 Aug, 2012


Whew! Good for you...will visit your page early next month to see your progress. :-)

22 Aug, 2012


If winter comes early like they think this year, I'll have plenty of time. Saw high 30's down at the old garden two nights ago, the one Ligularia still in bloom, all the flowers sagged to little yellow ribbons. I think they are more apt to move better now. I'll have a truck all weekend to move things along quickly. We might see snows in September this year like we used to at this rate.

23 Aug, 2012

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