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Citrus limon - Lemon Tree

Citrus limon - Lemon Tree (Citrus limon - Lemon Tree)

My grandmother's lemon tree just got a major trimming. This tree produces so many sweet lemons all would boggle your mind! (I think it's a Meyer's lemon) Photo taken May 12, 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Oh wow

20 May, 2011


Absolutely fantastic, just look at those lemons,

20 May, 2011


What an amazing tree!

20 May, 2011


Wow....Those Lemons are Huge.........

20 May, 2011



Yes, Wow! They are very nice lemons and very, very juicy!

21 May, 2011



Yes, this tree is very productive and I think it's only 14 years old.

21 May, 2011



Lemon trees are very widely grown in the San Francisco Bay Area.

21 May, 2011



Yes, these lemons are huge and smell sweet (and taste sweet, also). I was suppose to take a bag full when I left to come back home, however, I forgot! :>(

Well, several of my neighbors give me tons of lemons all the I guess I don't have to be concerned with a shortage of them. :>)

21 May, 2011


Amazing huge amount of fruit on it :o)))

21 May, 2011



Lemon trees in coastal Cal. always have lots of fruit on them (all year).

21 May, 2011


My lemon tree is tiny compared to this and no fruit so far. Are all those Cymbidium Orchids??? Lucky lucky lady, your grandma.

24 May, 2011



Yes, these are only some of the many cymbidiums my grandmother has in her yard.

24 May, 2011


Next time you visit her..... take more pictures!

24 May, 2011


Yes, I need to...I was so busy I didn't take as many pics and I wanted to.

25 May, 2011



I forgot to get lemons from my grandmother when I left...however, I think I mentioned in a previous post I received a bag of fresh lemons from my neighbor yesterday.

The tree was pruned before I arrived there. However, I did some yard work for her...she is in her mid-nineties and can't do all the yard work she used to do.

30 May, 2011



Yes, my grandmother is still very healthy, although she can't walk as well as she used to.

This is only the patio the yard is in the back of where I'm taking this pics. These houses are old and have huge yards...there used to be many apricot orchards in this area at one time.

Most of the new homes are small and have virtually no yards in the San Francisco Bay Area. They're all geared for high density, which I hate!

31 May, 2011


This lemon tree is very impressive. Maybe these keep her young?! Wonderful stuff.

24 Nov, 2011



Large lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit and avocado trees are very widely grown in the San Francisco Bay Area.

25 Nov, 2011


Incredible. Really really nice place to live!! A friend lives in San Francisco and she's never mentioned that kind of stuff so I didn't know. I should ask her about it one day :-)

25 Nov, 2011


You'd be surprised what kind of interesting subtropical, exotic plants grow in the San Francisco Bay Area. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years (not in the city itself, though -- it was always too cool) the suburbs get much, much warmer (many times 30 degrees warmer in summer). It's all about the micro-climates in California.

25 Nov, 2011


So did you live with your grandma then? Nosey me again lol

25 Nov, 2011


No, never lived with my grandmother. :>)

26 Nov, 2011

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