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By peter


Hi Folks,

We’re having issues at the moment delivering notification emails to hotmail addresses.

If you have a hotmail address, you won’t receive the emails that tell you when you’ve received a comment.

If you have another (non-hotmail) address and you want to get notifications, you can change your email address in your profile (don’t forget to click submit at the bottom of the form once you’ve changed it):

Update your email here

We’ll let you know when we’ve got it sorted. Hope you’re all well.


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Peter, I just want to say thanks for the techy advice you've given me recently about using GOY.

Much appreciated.

20 Aug, 2008


Hi Terratoonie, you're welcome :o)

20 Aug, 2008


cheers peter

20 Aug, 2008


Am I being thick Peter but this seems like over -kill with the way site informs of recent contacts from favourites likes etc why the need for e-mails? dont think Ive missed any contacts by not checking them as site informs me first.

24 Aug, 2008


Hi Bonkers,
I think they're a useful reminder for members that don't visit as often. Members that don't want the email reminders can stop them - it is an option on your profile page (

25 Aug, 2008


Sorry Peter not a criticism just thought it one less thing to worry about.If site happy to provide them then not a problem just thought you provide so much info. why the need for individual e-mails.Very happy with site and enjoy it .Forgiven?

25 Aug, 2008

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