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In this moment the landscaping season is escalating to hysteria.
I have very little time and energy to focus on my own garden. There is 20sqm decking. 200sqm stone paving.20m fencing, 1000sqm turfing and maintenance to do this coming 6 weeks. However i do want to read and be encourage by others joy over their gardens, if i loose my joy over my profession i could do something else less heavy.

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God dag, og velkommenen till GOY!. Jeg snakker ikke pa Finsk, men jeg studerte Norsk i mange ar siden!. Jeg haper at De can forsta meg ganske godt! Hilsen fra GOY - don't give up the day job! - som meg!

13 Mar, 2008


Blimey David you are truly a man of many talents! I think I scan read that right lol
Perboicel welcome to GOY. Sounds like you have lots on in the next couple of months but what a great job you do! Think of the joy you bring to your clients - not many people in the world can say that.
Don't get down come in here with a cuppa, put your feet up, have a moan and enjoy the glorious pics the good people of GOY upload.

13 Mar, 2008


Tack David för ditt brev det var uppmuntrande.
Thanks to you too Maple, i think the reason we do what we do, as a hobby or as a profession, it is the passion. So many areas in our life are motivated by duty and must, without the passion we become like machines. Passion in Latin means suffering not to forget, but it makes us human.
Muddy wellis

13 Mar, 2008


Hi Per - welcome to the site! Well, you are going to be busy all right - but both you and your clients will get great satisfaction from your achievements. I know that I do - gardening is my solace, hobby, joy, passion, sometimes sorrow too. But such a thrill when something that I have done, me, myself, (Plus Nature of course) works well and somebody comments on it both in the garden and on this site! Good luck with your gardening. P.S. Isn't David clever! I am well impressed...

13 Mar, 2008


My hobby has seemed like a full-time job these past few weeks, as it is our school's Spring Fayre tomorrow and have been sowing and growing herbs to sell. I've been panicking that nothing would be ready in time but I think the stall is going to look good. Will post some pics tomorrow after it's all over. Now, back to the labelling.....which was the mint, and the basil? May have to eat some for identification purposes, lol!

13 Mar, 2008

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