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where have I been.


hello everyone and those who still remember me. I have been absent for ages, not that I havnt though about you and your gardens, but I have been so so busy with my rescue dogs, it has taken over my life. I have some sad news my beautiful larrydog has lymphoma of the tonsils, diagnosed in nove. vet said 6 weeks, but he has somehow got a new lease of life and is very very happy, and running and jumping, I declined chemo. not the sort of dog you can do that too. he is on homeopathic remedies, not a cure but support, and he wears crystals, and the spirit doctors are looking after him.

well what a winter we have had, I luckily havnt lost anything but I am sure you wont all have that good news. I will go through all the photos later when I have a bit of time, I have 2 dogs coming over from rom. so I to get them to their homes.

My garden is a wreck, not that beautiful thing that won a prize again last year, no time to prune roses, everything is blown over. yuk but will get it back soon I hope. well, I hope all my old friends are all./ I will post some pics when I have them. see you all soon.

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Hello Patricia..

Nice to hear from you. Sounds like you're busy with the rescue dogs ... very many needing help.

You'll have time to straighten out your garden when the weather gets warmer.

That's sad news about your Larrydog, but I hope he has a good amount of quality time left, which you can enjoy together.

21 Jan, 2014


Sorry to hear about Larrydog, but it sounds like he is the best place for lots of love and affection.

21 Jan, 2014


glad you are well and keeping busy. the dogs are certainly being well looked after.

22 Jan, 2014


thank you seaburngirl, I have got so involved in Romanian rescue very soon I shall take a step back. It is such a terrible place for animals and it does affect your whole life, nothing becomes important only getting out as many dogs as possible. so trying to reduce now. xx

22 Jan, 2014


Sorry to hear about Larrydog, he sounds happy and knows he's loved and sometimes thats the best medicine there is.
No need to worry about having a show garden when its all wet and soggy, it won't take long to get it sorted when the weather picks up and it seems you are doing a far more important job at the moment, well done you.......

22 Jan, 2014


thanks lincslass, yes it is time consuming, finding good homes for such beautiful dogs. and pups. and I have my grand daughters wedding to plan in paris, and flags to make and curtain, oooo never ending. but its nice to be back.

22 Jan, 2014


what a beautiful dog, have great respect for people who help unfortunate animals, thank you so much

23 Jan, 2014


You are welcome, a lot of peeps do not agree, but if they really knew what actually went on there they would not make such comments.

24 Jan, 2014

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