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I was sitting in my living room today after a day full of good news. I was asking myself if I should go outside and do some gardening. But then I saw a few blue tits appear on my bird feeder so decided to stay inside and watch them. It was then that I thought. Gardening is sometimes too.. commercial. I read plenty of gardening books and magazines although I just think that instead of having a right and a wrong in gardening, everyone should just leave people to do their own thing. For example, I have never bought a cloche or fleece for my plants in my life. I just think that you should let nature take it’s toll by itself. I wouldn’t consider myself an organic gardener, just one who likes to do his own thing. One of the reasons I took up gardening as a hobby was to express my personality through plants, and I know many people may disagree with me, but I think if you read too much stuff then you can’t be free with your mind because you take too much advice. Instinct matters too.
I don’t mean you shouldn’t gain inspiration from media because like I said, I read books, magazines and watch gardening television shows. But I just mean that everyone’s gardening style is different and never let yourself be too controlled.
Hope you like my first blog. Next time I’ll tell you about my practical side of gardening :)

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In some ways I agree with you, I think the best inspiration we can gain is from looking at other people's gardens. I'm a romantic at heart, so I think my gardning style reflects this. I do read gardning books and mags, but yes I think a garden should be like a painting, and reflect the gardner.

11 Mar, 2011


I'm looking forward to the new Gardeners World series with Monty Don back. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing his garden. He seems to have very similar preferences in the garden to me...although, I'm sure his will all be on a grander scale than mine.But it's still good to see other gardeners' ideas!!!

11 Mar, 2011


All the same I wish I had put a cloche over my brave little hellebore that is doing its best to produce lovely white flowers in the face of strong winds and rain.

Also if I hadn't read up about the likes and dislikes of acid loving plants I would have lost both my large peiris and my beautiful azalea - so I'm only with you up to a point.

11 Mar, 2011


I like to do a bit of each - like Teds I get really inpired by seeing other gardens and think the National Gardens Scheme is a wonderful way of doing that. I do look at gardening books but again just to get a few ideas on which plants will survive where so that I don't waste my money by putting something where it will not grow.

I think it's a matter for each individual really.

Happy gardening.

12 Mar, 2011


I never listen to rules etc. e.g. I wanted to move some raspberry canes when i lived in the old place, and I had time to do it on a hot spring day in May. Now that's the 'wrong' time isn't it, but I did it and had a lovely crop of raspberries aswell.
I do look at books though - for inspiration. Not a fan of magazines nor Gardener's world sorry :(

12 Mar, 2011


There is always the danger of following rules because some 'expert' said so. I agree that gardening is a thinking hobby and at it's best it is about experimenting. We should pay heed to experience but not be blinded by it, IMHO.

12 Mar, 2011


I've always said "ask ten gardeners the same question and you'll get ten different answers." Like you, I read books, watch Gardeners' World and look for advice on the Internet and, of course, pop into a lovely gardening site that I know and love :o))))) then go and do my own thing. Yes, I've had disasters, but mainly the plants themselves let us know what they need - as you say - use instinct. A nice blog - keep 'em coming. :o)

12 Mar, 2011


I am like Nariz, listen to advice, maybe heed a little of it, but always go and do my own thing, that way you have only yourself to blame when it goes wrong. I have always said you can only learn in this life by making your mistakes and learning from them. It is good to see and get inspiration from others gardens, but in the end you have just got to get out there and do it and hope you get it right. It can be an expensive learning curve though. I too try not to be over protective of my plants but would hate to see some of the more tender plants that some have lovingly cared for over the years die in the unexpected colds snaps that we seem to get these days. I do try not to put the more tender plants and shrubs out in my garden mainly because I think the cottage garden style doesn't suit the more exotic plants. Everyone is different and some gardeners new to the garden need more help than others and this website is fantastic for that. I have never grown roses so needed the help and advice that was given to me it was great to be able to ask and be given help. I would be lost without this web site and all the very special people and advice that is given whether I take it on board or not. So happy gardening to all and just enjoy your gardens after all the trouble in Japan and Libya it makes you glad to be able to get out there and see the beauty and appreciate that we live in a beautiful part of the world. I know I appreciate mine. Thanks fo the blog Pany look forward to the next one.

12 Mar, 2011


Thanks for all the comments, guys. I really am glad you all like my blog :D.

12 Mar, 2011


I'm only beginning this gardening journey and while it can get confusing with the amount of information and detail I have discovered since joining GoY...I do not despair. It gives me great pleasure to look at photos and read blogs, get questions answered and get to know members. Very grateful for the site.

I have difficulty visualizing exactly what I'd like to do in our garden but it's slowing coming together. I'm pleased you've written your blog, Pany and will look forward to your next contributions :)

13 Mar, 2011


Thank you very much Whistonlass that means a lot to me. :)

13 Mar, 2011

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