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new caterpillars


By pammi


well this evening in london before the rain started, I was checking the plants and my solomons seal (which originated from Dorset about 15 yrs ago) which grows in a pot has got all these purple/grey caterpillars nibbling nicely away, turns out they are not caterpillars but SAWFLY LARVAE ugggh anyway shook them all off and squashed them underfoot….. apparently they do no harm to the plant but I can’t find out what else they may harm…any answers please.
We have just bought some of those solar lights (tacky maybe but they save a fortune on nightlights in the garden! and they work!!
You may remember my peony pic..well had several blooms and loads of buds but evrything now seems dormant, you just can’t win!!

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There is a particular species of sawfly that attacks Polygonatum (Solomon seal). There are large clumps of this plant growing in the woodland garden here at Kew and this pest can be so destrucive in a short period of time. So keep squashing!

14 Jun, 2009


Not a lot I can add to that same of the same keep squashing.
As for your solar lights yes some are tacky but I love them I have quite a few in my gaden now and I don't suppose I will stop there, see my blog 'In the night garden'

14 Jun, 2009


thank you both so much ! different question now, last night my sage was overrun by shiny flourescent black beetles about the size of a large ladybird, my sage is very eaten, help! I removed them and dispatched down the loo and theres nothing there today and I have never seen these before either no doubt there'll be something munching away on something different soon!!!
Earlier in the spring I was inundated with tiny green caterpillars eating the new leaves on my ash tree, I sprayed them and they dropped off I don't know what they are and they do turn up every year and I can actually hear them muching away, there are that many of them.
We are enjoying thunderstorms here in fulham and rain so saving on the watering!

15 Jun, 2009

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