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New Year


Happy New Year everyone, hope it is as good a year as you wished for.

I have been out in the garden twice last week, well the sun shone and it was cold but I wrapped up and started to clear out the old leaves and rubbish which had not been touched since the back end of last year.

The Robins loved me because they had lots of grubs to pick at after I had turned the soil and picked up the rotting leaves. The bulbs are just poking their noses out of the cold ground, and oh boy is it cold. Very frozen today, and the weather has been cold and seemingly getting colder since last week. It is by far the coldest winter we have had around these parts for a long long time. It seems to be never ending. The one uplift is that when it is sharp and frosty we get some sun during the day, very watery sun, but it helps cheer up the days.

Not a lot more can be done now it has frozen over again, but hopefully the warmer days are just around the corner, there is a noticeably change in daylight hours, the light is lasting longer now, I feel better when I can see up the garden especially when I am working in the kitchen. It is staying light until 4 o’clockish now in the afternoon, I hate the dark nights when I cannot get out in the garden, and it is so cold I am definitely a warmer weather person, not too warm though because that makes me lazy and I just want to sit and do nothing if it gets too hot. I enjoy springtime and autumn best, when the days are bright but not too hot.

Well better go and get ready to visit my daughter and her class – swimming lessons today – sewing went well for Christmas and the holidays have left me feeling ready to attack the new term and all the happy smiling faces in the classroom. Bless them I have missed them this break.

Happy New Year to you all and hope the gardening goes well in the coming season.


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I'm a spring and autumn person too. Summer is my least fav season. It's either too wet or too hot.
This cold weather is making me feel depressed though. I'll be glad to get some mild rain.

Happy new year Oliveoil, and roll on spring. !!

6 Jan, 2009


Happy New Year Oliveoil, enjoyed your blog, i have noticed the lighter nights are slowly coming back, thank goodness, i like spring and summer, as when autumn arrives so do the dark nights come back again, i dont mind so much this weather, as you can wrap up well and get out and about, its the wind and rain i dont like. But can't wait for when it's time to start sowing the seeds, think i'll have to bring a bag of compost inside to warm up, before i sow any seeds.

6 Jan, 2009


Oliveoil, you were brave to go out in the cold.
I like spring and summer, same as Clarice :o)

How many robins do you have in the garden ?

6 Jan, 2009


A Happy new year to you Oliveoil , these are the two months Jan/Feb that i,m not to keen on , I read an article yesterday that said we should behave like animals and hibernate , sounds like a very good idea to me .....

6 Jan, 2009


Happy New Year Oliveoil.
It was still light here at 4.30 tonight, makes you feel Spring is coming. But my pots are frozen solid, noticed today that I had left a Xmas deco in one but it was frozen in the soil!

6 Jan, 2009


Happy New Year to you, too!

Yes, can't wait for March, but at least Jan and Feb gives some breathing space, to get plans made, and the seed packets in! I think that you're doing a great job helping out at your school - wishing you a lovely gardening year!

6 Jan, 2009

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