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A little walk around the garden after the early morning rainstorm


Inspired by a blog another member of GoY wrote I thought I would try and take a little tour of the garden and see how it works out with pictures of the walk:-

Starting at the back door of the cottage:

Rosa de Rescht

Turning to look up the crazy paving path which runs from the back door right to the top of the garden. Roses and Clematis at this time of year starting to show off along with various Aquilegia. Earlier on it had snowdrops and narcissi and bluebells.

Turning right now to the side of the bbq, not had one yet this year, hoping for some sunshine in July when the two youngest girls are off from school teaching and can get down for a family get together.

Photinia Pink Marble in dark red pot:

Little turn left and a walk up to the rose border in the centre of this pathway. Arthur Bell Standard rose and four highly perfumed red roses bushes beneath.

Just beneath the archway is the largest leaved Hostas I have, it is huge, very strong and this is the one I took the seed from and from which the baby Hostas are now growing well.

To the right of this walkway is what I call the big middle border, not really the middle but originally it was before I altered the garden (drastically) lol

Next photo is of the top of this largest of the borders,

The next picture is the first rose on the trellis which I built myself to surround this large border.


The next border is between the woodland border and the top of the middle border. On the archway the roses are Tesse of the Derbervilles and Generous Gardener

Woodland border on the left:

Following the grass pathway around the top of the border which has three pink marble photinias and heucheras, with a couple of mini rhoddies/azaleas and not around at this time of year various bulbs.

You tired yet, still quite a long way to go, hope you have a comfy seat on which to view this rather long blog. lol
We are now at the back of the large raised border. This was created because I could not get a spade into the grass to remove it, due to tree roots etc so instead of removing the grass I built a raised border out of sleepers triangular in shape. It has two sections again roses and various other plants insitu. The only problem I have with this raised border is the soil which is very heavy clay type soil and which dries out quickly as with most raised borders. This year it has not been a problem so far as we keep getting a little shower to help things along. Originally it was built for veggies but not really successful so turned into a flower border.

Following the pathway around we come to the far edge of the garden . The arbour seat from the back, three roses climbing up this arch, Etoille de Holland, Pauls Scarlet and Pauls Lemon. on the lefthandside is what I call the Old Plum tree border with a hardy geranium on the edge of this border.

Ok so another few yards and that brings us to the side of the fishpond border at the back of the Peace Garden, which is split in two by yet another grass pathway. You can have a rest on this seat. I will go and put the kettle on and you can have a cuppa in a few minutes. lol

Well we are on the homeward journey now, this is the centre of the Peace Garden. To the right of the picture, Lysimachia, (not sure which one this is called) yellow flowers last for a good long while. Rose – The Pilgrim to the right of this archway and it has loads of buds to flower soon.

Now you can see in front of you the front side of the raised border. If you look right you can see the front of the arbour seat with roses and hardy geraniums in the border.

About turn and you are now facing back towards the cottage and can see the back of the big middle border with the homemade trellis and Rambling Rector just starting to flower

This arch was the first arch I put up in the garden and it has Rambler Rose Vilchenblau (sorry if I spelled wrongly) it is full of buds just starting to come out. Now the end is in sight, big sighs, good job because I can hear the kettle boiling.

The rain came early this morning, before I had chance to take in the seat cushions and now they are all soaking wet and having to be dried in the sunshine. lol

Last picture looks across to the front of the cottage, not quite able to see the flowers in there, think though I should mash the tea and let you get your feet up now you have been on your legs too long and must be in need of resuscitation.

Hope you are not too exhausted – Happy Gardening and hope you all have a good Summer. :O)

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Love your garden such a variety of plants.
Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea.
The weather here in Lincolnshire hasn't been very good today.
Best wishes

20 Jun, 2013


Oh Barbara, I just love your garden, so many plants and areas...I would love to lose myself in there. Absolutely beautiful! Well done!

20 Jun, 2013


Thank you Marjorie and Michaella, it is lovely to walk around especially when the sun is shining. Raining again now and I can hear rumbling in the background, hope we do not get a storm. I do not like thunder and lightening especially here with all these trees around us.

20 Jun, 2013


Cheer up - lightning is more likely to go for a tall tree than a low roof!
Your garden is so interesting, something new around every corner. How do you find time to do all that lawn edging?
I'm certainly ready for that cuppa now.

20 Jun, 2013


lol :O) Steragram, I know that is what worries me they are very close to the house and very tall. lol. it once struck the electricity pylon only 20 yds from the house. it sent out flashes like bonfire night. lol. very frightening and on another occasion it hit an oak tree and broke off a branch which fell off the tree, split it at the top and it never recovered, ah well what will be will be I suppose. It has stopped rumbling now and just raining fast.

20 Jun, 2013


Olive I could happily get lost in your garden you have so much to hold your interest, and at long last the roses are showing their faces. I just hope the storms that have been predicted don`t spoil them before we can take in their beauty.

20 Jun, 2013


Hi Stroller, I do get lost, when I get the opportunity. lol. I love being out there, even weeding doesn't bother me too much now, especially if I can manage to keep on top of it all. There is a lot to do to keep it tidy but I have now made the decision that a little and often is the way forward for me. As I have got older I have found that I need to do it little by little and not overdo it. I used to start in a morning have a short break and then carry on until tea time. Now I attack one border as and when I can. I find that I can keep going for many more days like that. The rain is helping it stay looking good as one of the biggest problems here is that it bakes hard in too much sunshine. Hope we do not get lots of storms like they have had in France. It will spoil all our gardens and we can live without the flooding some people had last year.

20 Jun, 2013


Nice one Mum...cracking geranium. And how did you get a cushion for your bench? Did you make it to fit? I still haven't been able to find anything to fit it really....but thinking about it, I might have a couple of big cushions in the loft that would do the to look! :)

20 Jun, 2013


Oh Olive thats done me a power of good and the cuppa was very welcome, I always think your garden is lovely but I don't remember you giving a grand tour all the way around before, the photo's are lovely, you have so many hidden delights and like me you go for the busy look, doesn't leave room for many weeds and if a few manage to grow we can't see them therefore they can't bother us, lol..
We have been hearing the thunder rumbling around in the distance for the last three days, I'm alright with it myself but the dogs are not very keen, mind you if I lived near to the woods as you do then I think it would be a completely different matter, at least this week the temps have been more in keeping for the time of the year,( still turning cold at night though,) we started off this morning with glorious sunshine same as yesterday, even needed sunscreen, would you believe it !!!!! but it started raining mid-afternoon, had to switch the lights on at teatime as it turned very dark and stormy, still chucking it down with rain and our dogs are very agitated, just hoping that this isn't on the cards for yet another bad weekend, ironic really as I had to refill two of my waterbutts this morning, if this keeps up for much longer they'll overflow, thats sods law.......

20 Jun, 2013


Gorgeous garden, so much to see, thanks for the look round!

20 Jun, 2013


Still raining but stopped thundering now. I am not too bothered by the thunder it is the lightening that scares me it makes me jump. I feel sorry for the dogs they seem to hear it sooner than we do. Very dark here too Lincslass, hope that isn't it for summer. We had rain early this morning too, it stopped about 9.30 and then was fine until later on this afternoon and has been fairly non-stop since then. You are right about the weeds, the plants hide the weeds well,although I can see some grass seed heads poking up through the plants in the middle border. If I do not pull them out they will drop their seeds and I shall have more grass than plants next year. lol

20 Jun, 2013


You are welcome Louisa I enjoyed doing it whilst the rain was coming down. lol :O)

20 Jun, 2013


A really lovely garden loved everthing about it :o)

20 Jun, 2013


thank you so much Kidsgran, so pleased you enjoyed it. :O)

20 Jun, 2013


My bad spots are completely my own fault Olive as they are always below the birdfeeders, I find some weird and wonderful specimens in those areas, dread to think what would happen if I left those patches alone, I'd possibly get arrested for growing something a tad suspect....

20 Jun, 2013


As usual your garden is wonderful OO. I thoroughly enjoyed that stroll. Everything looks so lush, we need a wee bit of rain here.
Love that huge Hosta too. You have a very inviting garden.

20 Jun, 2013


You have a very beautiful and interesting garden. Thanks for showing us around.

21 Jun, 2013


Thank you all for coming on my walk with me. I am so pleased you enjoyed it all.

Karensue, I bought that cushion off line, although I went to The Range (don't know if you have that one in Scotland) and they had cushions which would fit your seat.

I know what you mean about the seed falling from the feeders Lincs, I too have that problem, in fact I have a plant growing at the moment no idea what it is, it looks like it has been planted but I cannot remember planting it. Think it must be something from the bird seed. We shall see eventually it will have a flower of some kind. No-one has yet named it for me. lol.

It is still raining here Scottish, supposed to be clearing up this morning and showers over the weekend. Doing so much good in the garden though, I am not complaining.

Digginfit, pleased you enjoyed your walk around, hope you are not too exhausted. lol thanks for looking in.

21 Jun, 2013


Oliveoil, what a beautiful garden you have! Thank you so much for allowing me to have a look around, I shall now be able to picture you in your garden, whenever the rain stops lol! I simply love your giant Hosta, aren't you clever growing such a fantastic specimen from seed? I am impressed :)

22 Jun, 2013


Thanks Waddy, pleased you could join me for the walk around the garden. I didn't grow the big one myself, just got some babies that are from the seed from it. It has a lovely flower, nearly white, hoping that the seedlings, which are growing well, come true to its parent. It is such a beautiful Hosta.

22 Jun, 2013


Well Olive I have taken your garden tour rather late in the evening lol but enjoyed every minute of your beautiful interesting garden, I love your pathways and so many beautiful plants on route, it must be very time comsuming and hard work to keep on top of everything, but I do apprectiate the inviting seat at the end, time for rest to take in al the lovely sights that I have seen and been by stimulated by along the way ;0))

23 Jun, 2013


Pleased you enjoyed the walk Pansy, been cold and wet this weekend, had a bit of sunshine Saturday, but the rest has been awful, very windy too. After saying that it is better for working in the garden when it is not too hot and all the rain has helped me pull out the weeds. Still lots more to do though. Thanks for looking in. :O)

24 Jun, 2013


I just love your garden it's looking fantastic!

24 Jun, 2013


thank you Nana d pleased you like it, hope you are well and enjoying your garden :O)

24 Jun, 2013


Stunning garden Olive. Am just about to pm you :o))

26 Jun, 2013


thanks Annella have replied many thanks. :O)

27 Jun, 2013



from jane.

28 Jun, 2013


lol :O) mind those flies then Jane, pleased you like it :O)
it was a blank canvas when I started on it about 21 years ago, just grass with tree stumps and gradually the grass has been removed (all by me) and I have added and planted everything little by little to get to my cottage garden. lol I hate cutting grass it had to go. lol still have a little bit more to chop out and plant up, but am trying to leave it for a while as my knee is playing me up. No plans were ever put down on paper, each winter I would think how and where I could change the garden and then set about altering it in the springtime. I often sit out there and look at it and think oh yes I could do that bit next. So pleased you enjoyed your walk around it.

28 Jun, 2013


oh i did enjoy the walk :) so delightful :) thank you.

from jane.

29 Jun, 2013


Bravissima! Stunning beauty!

9 Jul, 2013


Thank you Liasciubba pleased you like it :O)

10 Jul, 2013


The peace garden is very peaceful! And the front garden is very beatiful! I love your house and garden!

10 Jul, 2013


I have some weeding to do up there today in the peace garden, it is in need of attention. Have had to wait for the summer bulbs to show through so I know whereabouts I can put my big feet before I tackle it all. Pleased you like it Lia :O)

11 Jul, 2013


glad you found me Jent, it is nice to meet you, hope to look at your garden a little later on. :O)

31 Jul, 2013


Blimey, summer in Narnia!
Aslan, have a decko at this!
Watch the flowers, you great tatty floor rug.
Sorry 'bout that, Olive, but on the bright side they tell me manure is good for roses.
You clot, Aslan, I can't take you anywhere!
A phenomal change from the last time I saw your garden under a mantle of snow, innit? Lol.
Excellent blog, as usual, Olive.

20 Aug, 2013


Thanks Asian for the manure and thank you Mouldy for your comments good to hear from you. Hope your patch is still showing off for you. :O)

21 Aug, 2013


It's not too bad, ta! Lol.
Aslan's banned. Too many dogs, hereabouts, so I left him in your wardrobe. ;-)

23 Aug, 2013


lol, abandoned eh!! Poor Asian :O) I will give him a good home. lol :O)

23 Aug, 2013


He'll require half a cow a day & a sharp thwock to the muzzle or hindquarters with a rolled up newspaper, if he misbehaves.
Good luck! Lol.

29 Aug, 2013


lol :O)

29 Aug, 2013

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