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Little man.......BIG THOUGHTS!!


Allow me to introduce myself……..


For those among you who are unfamiliar with my work, I have written various pieces on ‘How Things Are Made’. You may remember some of my finer pieces like ‘How to make Ham’ and ‘How to make Honey’.

Well, recently, I allowed my nanny a rare insight into some more of my thoughts and I guessed that all of Dan’s friends on GoY might be interested in them as well.

It was whilst on a trip to the beach a few days ago that I explained to my Nanny ‘How Mountains Are Made’. Basically, lots of moles are underground and they dig lots and for a long time. This then makes all the mountains in the world.

On the way home, my nanny and I were discussing how I knew everything and she didn’t. To prove my point, I explained ‘How Milk Is Made’.

Basically, you lie under a cow and press the buttons. The milk comes out and you put it in a bottle. Then you take it to the supermarket. Then you buy it!

It could not be more simple and I just don’t understand why you big people have to make it all so complicated!

I then asked my nanny to tell me something I didn’t know……..

(Interruption by Dan here)…..

At this point, apparently, Nanny was at a loss as to what to say to a 5 year old that he could grasp which, basically meant……

(Back to Jac)…..

…..I said to my Nanny: ‘See, you can’t tell me anything that I don’t already know so I must know everything!!’

(Back to Dan)

You can’t argue with that folks!! He had obviously forgotten about the bit of his brain that tells him how chocolate is made hasn’t grown yet but I won’t tell him if you don’t…..

(Back to Jac)

So, before I go, I will leave you with one more explanation, on how beefburgers are made.

Basically, you have a beef and you put it into circle shapes. Then you put bread into circle shapes. That’s it! Nice and simple, you have your beefburger!

Look out for more of my amazing and startling revelations in weeks to come!

Meantime, all this thunking means I gotta concentrate and when I gotta concentrate, I gotta poop…..!

Bye for now chidlings….

PLEASE NOTE: No pants, jeans or otherwise were soiled during the making of this blog. This last pic was used purely for the comedy element! Thank You.

Forgot to mention, he started BIG school today and this was the conversation he had with nanny about this big event:

N: So, are you looking forward to going back to school?

J: No!

N: Why not? I thought you liked school…

J: Yes, but Nanny, this is big school and I have to work really hard all the time….

N: Yes, but that’s how you learn things to make your brain grow bigger!

J: Yes, but Nanny, if I’ve got to work really, really hard all the time, that means I’ve got less time to play…..

N; Oh!!

Logic in there somewhere methinks!!!

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awww what a sweetie pie Dan, so there you have jacmeer, lol great blog, how kids think, its truely ammazing

3 Sep, 2009


Excellent the brain behind it ALL! LOL!

3 Sep, 2009


Well, Jac McKenzie Reynolds...I'm lost for words! You are obviously a very intelligent young man :)) Are you going to big school soon? You'll be able to teach them a thing or two...

P.S. Great blog as usual O.B....Lol :))

3 Sep, 2009


Hello TerrorJACdyl!
I think you just MIGHT know everything!
So can you tell me how flowers are made please?
Dan, superb!!

3 Sep, 2009


SB: it is brilliant the things they come out with and it's funny coz Ali was saying that as soon as his mum & dad get in the car, 'thoe' conversations cease!

I said, it's because they're special to him between you two the same as his and mine are when he is with me. em!!

Indy: ....and what a brain! Everything is simplified so magically in the mind of a child and when they say these things, the worries are replaced by a smile!! I need to catch up on your blogs....amongst many! Been doing long hours again this week.

CD; Yes, young Jac started big school today - see edit on blog....forgot to pop that bit on there!

MP: I will have to ask TerrorJACdyl tomorrow as he is over with us for the night. I will let you know in due course...

3 Sep, 2009


No rush mate theyre not goin anywhere! have a nice break ( if you can get one)!

3 Sep, 2009 there's a word I like! Not much chance at mo but looking forward to my final week off this year in 5 weeks time when I hope to get a bit more done out there, money permitting!

then off to the xmas market in Antwerp at end of November so hope to get some good shots....and some pictures as well!! lol!

3 Sep, 2009


Wanna see the blog, mate I like clogland!

3 Sep, 2009


I know a lot about these conversations Dan, I work with reception kids :0 there so funny.. here,s a little snippet that made me laugh with the new starters last year..

(Ryan) I have a new puppy miss..
(me) oh thats lovely, whats his name..
(Ryan) Spiderman miss..
(me) Giggles
(me) Why did you call him spider man Ryan.
(Ryan) "roll eyes" because he's red and blue miss, puh..

3 Sep, 2009


Lol! They're great aren't they Dee.

But also,as they get older, technology has made things quite sad in a way. I had a young female teacher in my shop last week and we were talking about the whole 'kid' thing. I mentioned about how Jac needs no toys or pressies off me and Ali as he seems happy with our time and attention. She told me about a 13 year old in her last lesson before summer holiday.

The bell went and he shot up saying:

'Can't wait for the summer holidays miss!'

'Why, where are you going?'

'Nowhere miss. I got an XBox for my birthday this week so I'm gonna spend 6 weks playing football on that....'

'What about your friends? Aren't you going to play with them?'

'DUH! I can play virtually, online with them. PUH!'

....and so the lesson endeth!

Sad really isn't it?

3 Sep, 2009


Hope young Jac had a really good day at big school :)) It was always a shock to my three that they had to go AGAIN the next day....
But Jac, that's how your brain will grow really really big...bigger than Dan's, lol . My kids can now run rings around me (not difficult I know....) and my little girl starts her M.Sc this month at Manchester Uni....awww, I'm going to buy her a new pencil case, lol :))

3 Sep, 2009


lil hunny

x x

3 Sep, 2009


Hi jack nice to meet you, hope you like your big school.

3 Sep, 2009


Have fun at big school Terror!

3 Sep, 2009


Lovely - my boy thought he only had to do one day at school and then could stay at home again!! that took some explaining ... it doesnt get any easier my son said the other day (hes 18 now) how come - I'm just going to work to pay for the motorbike to take me to work??? - welcome to the real world!!!

4 Sep, 2009


HAHAHAHA I've got one has the same suprise coming in the next couple of years, brilliantly put GS

4 Sep, 2009


I got the same surprise yesterday!! :~((
Dan, ask Jac about the flowers!!!

8 Sep, 2009


Unfortunately, he didn't stay over that night so will ask next time he is here!

In work at moment......

8 Sep, 2009


Okey doke! Dont work too hard, aint you the boss?????????

8 Sep, 2009


Yes I am, but your point....?

9 Sep, 2009


GOOOOoooo Dan!
Bosses is supposed to work the hardest, they have to keep everything else goin and make sure it runs right (thats if theyre any good as bosses) Its why I will not be one, ever! just the boss of me! (when SWIWOLS not around that is)

9 Sep, 2009


My point is that you CAN get away with skiving!!

9 Sep, 2009


Only just found this OB....What fun! Don't you just love the simplicity and innocence of childhood?

13 Sep, 2009

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