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'......I'm just sitting, watching Flowers in the Rain......!&#...


*Woke up one morning half asleep
With all my blankets in a heap….

And yellow roses scattered all around…..

The time was still approaching
For I couldn’t stand it anymore
Some marigolds upon my eiderdown….

I’m just sitting watching flowers in the rain
Feel the power of the rain making the garden grow….

I’m just sitting watching flowers in the rain…..

‘Flowers in the Rain – THE MOVE’*

So, STILL back in work and STILL no sign of that elusive lottery win!! Long days, late finishes and little time to keep up to speed on GoY – I’m trying to look at everyone’s posts/pics, honest! – and even less to spend in the garden. I’ve decided that after a few days of fretting over whether I am doing things right, it was probably best to heed the advice of you experienced ones and just let nature take its course. On the odd time I’ve had off in the past 2 weeks, it’s obviously been raining so little chance to get out there. Should have some money coming in to the coffers soon, so will hopefully be in a position to move on with things.

SO! ‘What has Mr Dan been up to out there?’, I hear you cry…..oh, you didn’t …..ah well, I’m gonna tell you anyway….

Very little!! I have taken some photo’s so I will share those with you and hope that you just enjoy sharing them with me. EARLY WARNING – there may some pics that will make some, or all of you, go EEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWW!! You have been warned.

This is pretty much how it’s been the past few days with the odd and I mean odd, flicker of dryness…..

First some pics of some of the things that are looking nice and that seem to be sticking 2 fingers up to the wind and rain….

A very wet Cordyline Autumn, waiting to be planted in the soon-to-be border

My tub of yellow Begonia

Dianthus – Surprise Lilac

At one point, it was raining so hard, this little un tried keeping dry in the seed feeder….


Silver Knight Heather

My Fatsia is doing really well…chuffed!

Rudbeckia – Sonora….finally starting to move

This close up looks like a living, being of some sort. A bit Dr Who..ish!

Then, one night not too long ago…5 to be exact…I noticed that my Chrysanthemums were disappearing. A bit of detective work was needed….oh, no it’s not! As I looked down at the tub, with my torch poised, I spotted this slimeball helping himself on the open menu…

And his mate was on the other side of the tub…

Then, lurking in the shadows, where nobody dares to go, the slimester!!

I put him on my trowel and squared up to him…..

But he turned out to be a big ‘scaredy-slug’ and hid his face in shame!

’OKAY! OKAY! You can open your eyes again now!

All this has brought me up to today and a day off. Lousy day but managed to do a trip to the tip and clear some bags of green waste and put slabs outside for one of Ali’s friends to collect so went from this….

….to this….

Okay, so it’s not a vast improvement but the bags and slabs were getting to me and had to go and it looks a tad better now. The patio you see will be coming up, to 4 slabs back and across but a while off yet!

Oh, when I got the slabs outside against the wall, this fella tried doing a runner but got stuck. Can’t imagine why…..F-A-T-T-Y!!!!

He left his mate back in the garden clinging on for dear life…

Buddlia by day…

….and by night….

Earwig in a Gazania…with water on his back…

And finally, a little run of pics that brought a smile to my face. Hope they do the same for you…

And the Anthurium is doing nicely in it’s new pot in the conservatory. New leaves and blooms…

Parsley & mint are flourishing in the herb box…

What a tangled web we weave….

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Great blog the raindrops on the flowers...rain drops would be so lovely if they weren't so...well...wet!

Great slug close-ups...not that I wanted to get close to a slug but if you insist!

Not too keen on old spidy tho' ...if he laid off the pies he could get away quicker!
The photo of the rain over the tree is ace!

1 Sep, 2009


Great blog OB lovely pics,dont no bout the slugs & spiders thoughLol enjoyed your "singing":~))))))

1 Sep, 2009


Despite the rain you ve got some great shots here loads of them but love the sparrow esp lol

Music always seems to lift the spirits even on the dullest day and you ve combined both brilliantly.

1 Sep, 2009


Great blog as always OB.

1 Sep, 2009


What a great blog!! I really enjoyed that OB...not only are you turning into a very talented photographer, but I reckon your fingers are turning green as well....shh, don't let on, but you are now, officially, a TRUE GARDENER! Now go and murder those

1 Sep, 2009


How can anybody get that close to a twitchybell even with all the photo gadgets you must still have been so near to it. But I did like your flowers it was nice seeing them in a different setting

1 Sep, 2009


Fluff: YES, I'm Dan the MAN!!! lol!

Mobee: Thanks and I'm not sure either about the slugs but they're there so might as well share them with you all!! You might not enjoy the singing in person though!

BB: Kind words and still an inspiration with your photo's and subjects and above all, advice. Thanks as always.

Clarice: Glad you enjoyed and hope you're well.

CD: Thanks also for your kind words really mean.....a true gardener? Oh my....oh my....well, not quite sure about that yet but sharing your gardes with me, is truly inspiring so it all helps us to 'grow' as it were.

Mavis: What is a twitchybell? A slug coz they make you twitch or a spiddy? Glad you liked the flowers.

1 Sep, 2009


Lovely photos, OB, even those of the slugs, etc! Sorry you're having so much rain. Hopefully you'll have a fine September to make up for it.

1 Sep, 2009


Hey nice blog Dan getting up close and personal with all the little creatures, great shots ... don't like earywigs tho' ~{shudder}~ and I was singing along with the pictures too.

1 Sep, 2009


You're doing well.
I thought at first you were going to show lots of birds but slugs and spiders don't bother me.

2 Sep, 2009


always lobe your blogs
and your pics
(except those sligs)

x x x

2 Sep, 2009


Nice bit of artistic licence on the 'yellow roses'.
Why do people keep telling us it's the small slugs that do the damage, the big ones only eat rotting plant material? Great shots of the evidence!
Just love that bird with his head stuck in the feeder, I reckon he just couldn't reach the seed he wanted. There's a continual patch of germinated seed under my feeders where they throw out what they don't want.
Enjoyed all your photos even fatty spider, lol.

2 Sep, 2009


Sorry I keep using twitchybell instead of earwig Its a local word (I am from sunderland) I can cope with most garden insects but I run a mile from them.

2 Sep, 2009


great blog Dan,, ive dropped the OB now, think ive known you long enough lol, great pics as usual and close-up brilliant, flowers all looking good to, looks better now you have moved some of the rubbish, hard to find time when you are doing so many hours isnt it, well done, :o)

2 Sep, 2009


Great Blog, in spite of the slugs and spiders....everything else was brilliant. Love the singing and the flowers.
and sorry, I'm top of the list for the next lottery win...I'll put in a good word for you :-))

3 Sep, 2009


Sorry Dan! Been kinda busy so missed this! Great flower pics, GROSS beasty ones!!

3 Sep, 2009


Thanks all!

And no need to apologise Marie, busy is what I am too!

Sorry for the wee beastys! :0(

3 Sep, 2009


LOL! I was eating!!! Yukkkk!

3 Sep, 2009



Do you watch River Cottage by any chance?

3 Sep, 2009


LOL! Havent watched tv in weeks!!

3 Sep, 2009


The reason I ask is that in the last series a couple of months ago, he and his chef at RC HQ tried cooking slugs and .........ate them!!

Now that is MEGA-TRPLE GROSS!!!

Covered em in chillies and garlic.....blurgh!!

3 Sep, 2009


Mind you, I LIKE escargots!

3 Sep, 2009


oh nooooooooo mari yak yak,,i like frogs legs though, like sweet chicken

3 Sep, 2009


Yep! They're really nice!
I'd love to live in France!!

3 Sep, 2009


french food is lovely,, they dont think the english can cook, damn cheek lol

3 Sep, 2009


You should hear Flavien, my ex-flatmate about Scottish cooking! He was NOT complimentary! Didn't mind my cooking tho, but he was a great cook!

3 Sep, 2009


mind you i think our chefs are getting alot better, but cant beat the french or italians for good food

3 Sep, 2009


True! Cant eat a lot of the italian stuff tho, allergic to tomatoes! And i detest onions!!

3 Sep, 2009


love toms, thats a shame mari, i have trouble with onions, i normally pop it in whole then take out so just get flavour and no chunks

3 Sep, 2009


I HATE the taste! If I taste them, I cant taste anything else!

3 Sep, 2009


my son is like that with mushrooms mari,,

4 Sep, 2009


I love mushooms!

4 Sep, 2009


me to mari, especially garlic ones

4 Sep, 2009


Hmmmmmm! How easy are they to grow?????

4 Sep, 2009


not sure but think you need special light dont you to force them,undercover, in a shed or something, there are sites on growing your own mari , i just looked, can get kits to

5 Sep, 2009


Sounds too much like hard work to me!! LOL!

5 Sep, 2009


yer just go buy some at the shop mari lol

5 Sep, 2009



5 Sep, 2009

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