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'HEY, YOU...get offa my cloud......!'


So, there I am. Day off and Ali’s got 3 shifts today as well as taking the kids shopping so….what do I do?

I know! Open the blinds to see the sun shining down on my garden before I go out and potter about…..WOO-HOO!

Oh dear…..



So, with a sky full of clouds and a garden full of rain, what can a man do? Well, I managed to type up my team’s staff reviews – ‘BORING DAZZA….get on with it!!’

Well I’m just saying, so I can build up to……well….a few high points during this dank, dark and dreary day. Basically, all I could do was take some photo’s from the conservatory door and from up in the office. So, shall we begin our day?

With a question……..

‘How many Robins does it take to eat a tray of mealworms?’

NONE….coz all the greedy, bully-boy starlings eat them!!!

‘OY son! Oo you calling a bully-boy?’

‘Just keep my head in the strawberry and pretend I’m not here….lalalalalalalala….’

Best time to go food shopping is when the crowds have disappeared……

‘Have food….MUST eat!!’

‘You seen how far down it is to the ground?’

‘Forget that! Who’s the wierdo in the window taking photo’s of us?’

’Don’t ask me, I’ve stepped way out of line here……GUYS! wait for me…!’

Another question:

Is it me or do the WCD’s look almost plastic?

So, for a few fleeting moments, in and out, the sky would clear slightly enabling me to venture out past the decking!!

Look what’s opening in the pond….

‘My oh my! That’s a nice lily love…’

‘1…2…3…4…5…6…7…man, who’s idea was it to have a ‘Guess the amount of seeds in the Feeder’ competition!!’

These little uns were waiting for the feeder….guess there must be a pecking order….

As for them bullys, they even try to bully each other….


‘Fine, you can’t reach them anyway!!’

He’s just nuts about flying….

Despite something having a munch on some of its leaves, my Fatsia is doing well thank you and waiting for re-housing….

A little bit of Sunflor Dianthus – White Surprise….

Then Ali returns from taking the kids shopping. Jade, our son’s girlfriend and mother to the TerrorJACdyl, is celebrating her birthday today and when Ali got there, her and the JACdaw were making cards.

Apparently, he said that he knows it’s not our birthdays today so he made us an I LOVE YOU card for Nanny and Dan……

Notice the check picnic rug on the right hand page….the yellowy black thing in the middle of it is, as if you don’t already know, a banana and all the other food is around it!

I’ll leave you with another of my little soldier’s, ‘How to make stuff’ things….

How to make ice-cream by Jac Mckenzie Reynolds/5 yrs

You put the smoothie, (flavour), in the dish when the ice-cream is cooking in the oven.
Then you put it in the freezer. Then it’s ready for the ice-cream man to put the smoothie, (flavour) in and you buy it…..SIMPLES!

That’s how to make ice-cream…..apparently!

I think it’s starting to brighten up, yet it’s still cloudy. Kids eh?

Looking out of the Cosmos…

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Great blog and photos as always,

21 Aug, 2009


BRILLIANT blog, Dan!
And Jac is a real sweetie, isn't he? Awwww!
And a budding artist to boot! Great card!

21 Aug, 2009


Great bird pics...beautiful lily...fab commentary...lovely dianthus...colourful cards...popular bird bistro...& that cosmos pic tops the lot OB...just great! You might need a pint of vodka & coke after all that....?!

21 Aug, 2009


OMG, I loved this very real, lucky U got up

21 Aug, 2009


Aaaaaannnnnd we're off! Race you to the Voddy Dan!

21 Aug, 2009


Nice one dan Ice cream recipe sounds spot on!

21 Aug, 2009


Thanks all for your kind comments but ladies, you will get me a bad name if you keep mentioning my name in the same sentence as PINTS of voddy & coke!! lol!

You're too late anywqy, MP. I bank my drottle when I was blooing this dog.....hic.....

Jac loves drawing, colouring and painting bless im!

Glad you enjoyed it folks.

21 Aug, 2009


Oops, posted same time Indy!

Yeh, it worked fine up until the oven part and.....well, let's just say Ali will be getting the Mr Muscle out in the morning!!

21 Aug, 2009


LMAO! Dan!

21 Aug, 2009



21 Aug, 2009


Pop staking the tiss you lazy cradies!!

21 Aug, 2009


Why??????? It's such Fun!!!

21 Aug, 2009


Kothay en!!

21 Aug, 2009


Brilliant Oddbillie he he he Gave me a real smile. Thanks for sharing it with us..........

21 Aug, 2009


Brilliant blog and smashing photo`s,I think you had a good day in spite of the weather,love the card and might even try the ice cream

21 Aug, 2009


Okay okay Ob enough I will have to answer your blog when I have stopped laughing and got me breath back :o)) be back in a tic just going to read Mp's blog to calm down.

21 Aug, 2009


Alright got me breath back now and I have calmed down. What an absolutely brilliant blog, not only fantastic pics but very witty commentry too, but it's all the comment's from other GoY'ers that made me laugh the most, I remember one of the old 'comedians' doing a sketch where he was a radio presenter on his last day on the kids show and he hated kids, hence why it was his last day, he was reading a Noddy story and was drinking a bottle of vodka at the same time, he got increasingly more drunk and was mixing his words at the end, it was hilarious and some of the comments reminded me of that. :o)))

21 Aug, 2009


lovely blog Made me laugh

22 Aug, 2009


Whaddya mean, read my blog to calm you down???????
That WASNT my intention Bob!
Yeah, shades of the reverend I.M. Jolly to me!
How's the hangover, Dan?

22 Aug, 2009


You are always a calming influence on me Marie (I think it's the fancy shoe's )

22 Aug, 2009


Dan ..dan....don wurry bou du drunkin ish a vewi populer pashtim roun thsh nick oo th widds! hic!
Ave u go th nipper t wurk ou a formuler fr bir yit! lemme kno wen e'sh dun wun k! Ish crim wash brill,bu yr rii dusmek amish o f yr ovin!

22 Aug, 2009


Bob, you are sick! LOL!
Indy, you're even sicker!

22 Aug, 2009


Thanks all for your cazy cromments. nery vice of oo so it is...hic!

It was a good day and the card just makes you cherish the innocence of childhood......then they grow up!!

My aim is to please and if one person smiles at each of my blogs, then they are more than worth the I love doing em as well!

Thanks again all:0))))))

22 Aug, 2009


Awwwwwwwwww! You're welcome, Dan!
And you DO make us smile (you make me laugh my head off, actually!)
So thank YOU!!

22 Aug, 2009


Hello you and no need to thank me.

It's as much a joy to share my journey as it is to share yours MP and many others like you/us.

Glad you're able to laugh as life seems so serious nowadays and nowt but doom and gloom but a little humour and the ability to laugh at oneself is a marvellous medicine to make the 'soul feel whole'!!

22 Aug, 2009


I quite agree, Dan! If you can't laugh, you're not living! Even at the worst times, there's always something that can elicit a smile!
And you know what they say! "If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!" Trite I know, but it seems to work!

22 Aug, 2009


I can find something to laugh at in anything (3 toes) I always try to smile 'coz it actually hurts to frown.

22 Aug, 2009



22 Aug, 2009


Sorry OB playing catch up here .

Lovely blog and so generous too a tray of mealworms for starlings ? Hope the Italian starlings dont get wind of this ..did you see the millions roosting in Rome ?

Pond settling in well and a flowering water lily too see you bought some ramshorn snails too arent they great ..

23 Aug, 2009


Thanks BB and don't worry about catching up - I feel guilty on a daily basis as I just can't keep up with everyone's going-ons but it's so addictive!!

Hope the wildlife starts appearing soon- well, the froggy/toady jobbies!

Would you know if purple loosestrife sheds its purple leaves about now ar is it not happy where it is?

It seems to be giving off some 'new' shoots from the sides but since planting it by the pond, the little petals are falling away to literally nothing on the long stems. Any ideas or am I worrying unnecessarily?

Missed the Italian starlings as well!!

23 Aug, 2009


Dont have the purple but the yellow,which is doing the same as yours now.Dont worry,the new shoots good sign.!

23 Aug, 2009


Where's the rhino?

23 Aug, 2009


MP: I have some bad news to share with you and it's not easy to sit and type it. As I sit here now, I am quite upset and just need 5 to 'get myself together'....

23 Aug, 2009



23 Aug, 2009


I'm a little upset at the moment and need more than this blog to share my pain. I will post a blog shortly.

23 Aug, 2009


Ok, but it better not be what I think it is!!!
And I'm STILL waiting to be introduced to the meerkats! Where are they?????????

23 Aug, 2009

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