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By nita


hi all
sorry havent been on for a while, lots of things going on.
My husband has been poorly again,had to have some of his foot amputated but fingers crossed all is going well,im also waiting for an op on my ankle.
Anyway they are going to take some of our garden but it wont be too bad, with the way our health is at the moment, they are hoping to start next year i will put photos up, in the hope you can give me tips for my garden, as it will be alot smaller and my greenhouse will be moved as well.Ive told the council they can do all the moving and put my greenhouse back up and move my fencing, theres not much else to tell at the moment.
hope you are all well, take care x x

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Oh poor you and hubby. I do feel for you both and hope all soon improves. Will you be glad to have a smaller garden nita? I expect you will and re-planning it will be something quite exciting for you to do at your leisure. Then when you are fit enough you can do the exciting part - planting.
Will you try to make it labour saving? Goodness, I'm beginning to feel excited about it now. Lots of good wishes coming your way.

15 Nov, 2009


Sorry to hear all this life must be quiet hard for you both at the moment. At least you have not got to move get a smaller garden that is a big plus for you.
Have you got a tenancy agreement? I f so look it over in case you are entitled to a rent reduction? Make sure the council put in writing what they have agreed to do as you dont want them opting out later, also agree a finish date so that it gets done and finished in reasonable time.!
Make sure someone is there when they do move things about as they hopefully will be more careful if someones around? Do you know what the land is for?
The new smaller garden will be fun to plant etc role on the spring take care.

15 Nov, 2009


Sorry to here about your hops, take care .

15 Nov, 2009


Hi Nita...
Nice to have you back on GoY, but so sorry to read about your husband's foot.

Please send him my best wishes....
....and I also hope your ankle op goes well...

Just drop in and see us on GoY as and when you can...

... always pleased to hear from you. xxx

15 Nov, 2009


Sorry to hear of you and husband's medical troubles Nita. I hope you'll both have better health soon. Good luck with your smaller garden :o)

15 Nov, 2009


thanks all, its so nice to have friends on here x x love you all

15 Nov, 2009


Good luck and all the best welcome back.

15 Nov, 2009


so sorry to hear about your hubby and you having an op to, what awfull luck,

15 Nov, 2009

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