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Hello from my garden in France. 2


Well I’m back again with progress, or lack of it.
The last two weeks have been sooo hot! The land has been so dry that even with frequent watering my newly acquired plants were really suffering.
We’ve had both sets of parents over for a holiday,So that combined with the heat has meant that not much has been done.
You’ll be glad to hear that in the last couple of days the rain has finally arrived.
Along with horrendous thunder storms!

The garden we’re currently tackling is 205ft x 150ft. This picture was taken before starting.

We had a friendly man with a tractor to help with the initial leveling.

Below is my plan for the area, as planned on the computer. Any ideas are welcomed, before I go headlong with more heavy digging!

Here’s the progress so far.

Hubby’s lawn is coming on really well. My shrubs have been planted and look “settled” if a bit dry. I have some more shrubs that I want to move from the other garden. But I’ll wait until Autumn, along with the tree planting.

The piggies are still slacking with regard to their land clearing of the bog area.
I’ve dug out some more of the brambles that they really don’t like and have been throwing their food amongst the undergrowth to encourage them.
Trouble is they eat then seem to spend the rest of the day flat out!

Ramikin, my adolesent, bottle fed sheep has been doing his “Houdini” act seemingly every couple of hours in the last few days. Escaping the electric fence and appearing on our patio.
On one occasion He managed to break the gate and let out the whole flock which appeared behind me while weeding the garden.
Luckily no damage was done to my plants. It should make me angry but he’s so cute and usually only wants a cuddle!
“Am I too soft ?”…

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I like the computer drawing - which programme are you using to produce that?

24 Jul, 2009


Hi Bamboo, I use Adobe photoshop. Not a garden design programme but certainly helps to get a preview.
I also use it for previewing views in our house and barn conversion.

24 Jul, 2009


If it is really hot the pigs will just lie around - usually in the shade. Whilst in the past we've used pigs to clear ground and root up large rocks I've never heard of using them to clear a boggy area, do they like this? Just interested.

24 Jul, 2009


Well that at least explains why it looks so different from the usual garden design programmes - I like it.

24 Jul, 2009


aah lil lamb missed him mommy
what a cutie

the photoshoppicture is brill put my glasses on for closer inspection as I thought it was real

well done you
its all coming on really well
x x x

24 Jul, 2009


Hi Moon grower,
The pigs house is in a large dry area, this leads to the boggy
area below which is shaded with scrub and trees.
They are free to go where they like.
Usually lying in the stream in the boggy area!

24 Jul, 2009


Yes pigs like to wallow in hot weather, stops them getting sunburnt

25 Jul, 2009

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