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All night it’s been blowing an absolute gale out there! It’s 7.20 am and is still dark, so I have yet to see what damage (if any) has been done. What I DO know is that one of my plastic greenhouses that was stashed under the balcony on the downstairs patio and contained a jalapeno pepper and a fuschia cutting, along with a couple of pairs of old mud-covered trainers, has disappeared! The garden shoes used to just sit outside by one of the doors, but when a new puppy arrived in the village he developed a liking for shoes and, once he got the knack of jumping up onto the wall and round the edge of the gate, used to make off with our shoes which would be found later thoroughly chewed, so we started zipping them into the base of the greenhouse. Now – where are they? And my pepper and fuschia plants? They could have gone over the wall into the sheep enclosure or they could have been blown up the meadow, over the top, and be in the next village by now! My lovely Acer in its large pot lives on the garden edge of the patio and I’m sure it must have hated the wind. Time will tell! Meantime, daylight in about an hour’s time will show where my greenhouse has landed!

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Hope you find your greenhouse Nariz. In my last house that used to happen to me too. I used to have to trek at least halfway through the field next to my house to pick up my garbage cans or garden umbrella or even one time the siding off my house.

24 Jan, 2009


I hope you find your greenhouse Nariz. Last autumn we had a storm here and my plastic plant house was blown into next door's garden. I hope you don't find too much damage was done to your garden.

24 Jan, 2009


I hope you find your greenhouse aswell, last summer i had some tomatoe plants in a plastic one and we had some very windy days and they landed up all over my garden, this time i'm going to get a proper greenhouse.

24 Jan, 2009


I hope there wasn't too much damage !
What blew away ?
Did you find your shoes ?
Chewed ??
I've given the blog a 'like' as a token of support !

24 Jan, 2009


Ooooh, dear! Wind can do some amazing things - I hope that you track down everything.

24 Jan, 2009


Thanks for the comments and support! The greenhouse was found in the sheep enclosure, complete with un-chewed but very wet shoes. It's now a write-off as the pot containing the jalapeno pepper broke and made holes in the plastic - the jalapenos were saved. The fuschia cutting also broke, but I've shoved it back into the compost and hope it may re-root. There doesn't seem to be any further damage, except I found my blueberry plant halfway down the garden still in its pot! It had been next to the greenhouse so the sudden lift-off must have knocked it over causing it to roll along the path. Having picked up the TV news I realise we were suffering from the tail end of the terrible storms that France has suffered, apparently causing 1M people to be without electricity. Poor souls! Hope it all gets fixed asap. Thanks again for reading my blog.

24 Jan, 2009


I sympathise with you. I had the wind and have had so many trees come down into my garden and fences blown down that now I worry until its daylight and I can see what's going on! Hope the little fuschia re-roots itself and the blueberry recovers from its head-over-heels escapade.

24 Jan, 2009

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