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I need some sympathy!


By nariz


Not exactly a blog about gardening, except that I can’t get out there because I’ve got the most awful cold! It’s 4.44 am and I’m sitting at the computer because I can’t sleep due to a stuffy nose. (Cue for lots of “Aaaaaaahs” at this point). It’s New Years’ Eve tomorrow and I know I’ll be in no fit state to welcome in the New Year with a glass or two of Cava with our Spanish neighbours (Cue more “Aaaaaaaahs” and a couple of “Poor you s”). The garden needs weeding, believe it or not – a little rain or snow melt water and everything springs into life with a vengeance! All I can do is gaze at it all from the balcony and reach feebly for the paracetamol with one hand (more “Aaaaahs”) and the tissues with the other . It’s caused by that cultural exchange of germs with the double kiss greeting and, because we live so remotely and don’t spend much time interacting closely with other people, when we do meet up as we did on Christmas Eve when we were invited to join our neighbours and their family for the festive meal – this is what happens to me! Hope all GOYers are well and looking forward to their festivities tomorrow and (sniff) I wish you all a very Happy (cough) and Healthy (wheeze) New Year.

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Sorry to hear you're not well Nariz. I hope the new year will herald an unblocked nose for you.
The only one I have personal contact with is Blodyn, and that is only when I pick her up sometimes. lol

Happy new year !

30 Dec, 2008


Poor you Nariz! why don't you go get yourself a nice cup of coffee, laced with a bit of brandy! - i have always found this makes me feel far better. a nice hot bath, with all the doors shut, so the steem really gets in the siniuses, might help clear your head. If you don't fancy the brandy coffee, hot honey and lemon is another good one. hope you feel better to enjoy all the festivities tomorrow. happy new year! x OOO - (the O's are cyber hugs!)

30 Dec, 2008


Sympathy extended - I agreed wholeheartedly with Maj's advice.

30 Dec, 2008


loads of sympathy Nariz, i hope you get better soon.
happy new year to you xx

30 Dec, 2008


Sorry your not well..lots of it going around.yes try a nice hot toddy.

30 Dec, 2008


House work is very bad for colds so stay in bed and demand to be waited on hand and foot. Best Wishes for 2009.

30 Dec, 2008


Sorry you not feeling well, but hope you soon get better, & a vry happy new year to you.

30 Dec, 2008


Thank you all for your nice comments - they've made me feel better already. Believe me, I've tried all the above remedies and my lovely partner is waiting on me hand and foot, so I really ought to be better soon! Thanks again for your good wishes. Happy New Year to you all.

30 Dec, 2008


Happy New Year to you and yours Nariz... I hope that you're feeling much better :)

1 Jan, 2009


Thanks Mikec, yes I am feeling a lot better now. Happy New Year.

2 Jan, 2009

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