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The Photos You Asked For


By nariz


Hi Gardeners! Following my first blog where some of you requested photos – here they are:

This was the challenge we faced when we first moved in.
That winter was quite severe:

We then realised we needed to replace the wall holding back the mountain before it slipped completely into our garden:

We started out very small:

Then we expanded this year with more colourful, if wet, results:

Hope you can see the difference! We’ve just had lunch with a tortilla garnished with some of our tomatoes and lettuce and a dollop of home-made pesto to go on my home-made bread! OK, now I’m showing off, but I so enjoy what we do here and the best part is having the time to do it all.

Thank you for letting me share this with you. Regards to all.

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Nariz it looks brill, what a lovely place to live. As for showing of you have just made me feel very hungary, but its a credit to you.

20 Aug, 2008


WOW! I am impressed you have certainly done a lot in a short time. Your casa looks great and I'm sure you enjoy it. I feel certain it will only improve as time goes on and you can feel smug that you did it all yourselves!!

20 Aug, 2008


OMG What a wonderful wonderful achivement :)

20 Aug, 2008


Thanks for those wonderful photos, showing the contrasting seasons and the work you've done.

The scenery around your home is inspiring. Looking forward to further pictures as you make yet more progress.

20 Aug, 2008


oh for a bit of sunshine, i'm so jealous!!
your home and garden is a credit to your hard work, now sit back and enjoy!!!!

20 Aug, 2008


you have done so much work there , its beautiful , and your right to show off lol well done

20 Aug, 2008


What a fabulous place to live! I think it must have been very difficult to concentrate on the improvements with all that scenery around you! You have made such a difference in a very short time. Well done! Keep showing us the views and the sunshine, won't you.

20 Aug, 2008


I can only say " WOW " it,s so beautiful ,well done ,the scenery is awsome :D

20 Aug, 2008


That is blooming lovely !!!!
Its not showing off, its allowing others to share in your enjoyment of what you have achieved. Thanks for showing it to us, and let us have more. I would even like to see a pic of the dinner you had with the bread etc, it sounded lovely, (I know those in charge dont like it if the pic isnt of a garden !!! lol)
Its gorgeous!!!
Lynne x

20 Aug, 2008


Wonderful job. The retaining wall looks GREAT and so do the stone buildings. Fabulous backdrops for your garden. ENJOY !

21 Aug, 2008


You have a beautiful house and garden. Worth all the hard work. Best wishes from Hywel.

21 Aug, 2008


Thank you Nariz for sharing the photos. What a lot of hard work clearing the site but you have the rewards of a stunning setting and a lovely garden area.Can I spot Cannas as well in the garden?. I bet they are really happy growing there. Wonderful views and a beautiful garden setting.... Many congratulations.

21 Aug, 2008


What a beautiful place to live!

21 Aug, 2008


Tut.No wonder you pinch yourself every morning! I'm not jealous atall!....not much. It sounds as though you deserve your current happiness tho,especially as you say you spent 25 years in the wrong place.Good luck luv.

26 Sep, 2008


Just been reading your profile & these early blogs. Your paradise looks beautiful Nariz. I will now catch up on some of your later pics. PamD

28 Oct, 2010

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