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Leave no stone unturned ... certainly not toe-punted


By mrv


If you can remember from my blog last week I found myself at a lose end after the rain stopped me from mixing up barrows of mortar to lay slabs on a concrete hard standing intended for the final arrival of our greenhouse.

Well, this weekend I managed to get around to it. Mrs V off to work and our eldest (17) on standby to run barrow loads of sharp sand for me … I started to clear the concrete base of the rubbish that gets dumped on it … you know the stuff … I’ll sort that later, rolled up bits of chicken wire, bags of “I really need to get that to the dump”, lengths of useless hose and other such evidence of laxness.

I finally come to shifting a pile of bits of rubble (the ‘I’m saving that’ stuff), angrily I use my efficient steel toe caps to kick it off the hard standing. It came to the final remaining lumps of flint – I draw back my leg hammer and just notice a slightly panicked toad anticipating his last moment on the end of a boot. Luckily I barely skimmed him.

After placing him in the bucket , I wasn’t too sure what to do to him … if I released him I was quite worried that something would get to him before he got to proper toady cover … and I was hell bent on keeping my new slug-munching and very warty friend safe.

This was a matter for consideration. I placed the toad in the shade partly covered in the bucket – it was now time for a fag, a drink and a ponder.

Cup of tea in hand I stood there weighing things up and decided to build him a little house in the weedy bit behind the compost bins. He stayed for the rest of the day – but vanished by the next morning.

Talking of vanishing – that’s exactly what our son had done when it came to help move the sand!

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i havnt seen a toad since i was little,nice to know they are still about

15 Jun, 2010


Others are good at vanishing when it's time for them to help out, aren't they !

15 Jun, 2010


Loved the blog DD but Mr Toad clearly thought his new abode wasn`t quite up to scratch don`t you know , so tootled of to Toad Hall I shouldn`t

15 Jun, 2010


Well it was certainly the first time I've seen a toad in this garden. Still no sign of him - he's probably under a rock somewhere, ladybug.

Louise, the boy has been caught-up with ... we're having a BBQ this weekend and he wants to invite some friends ... the rest of the sand needs bagging up and moving, there's a bit of shearing of our grassy mound to be done and also sweeping the drive (after I've cut the hedges of course) ... I think that'll do the trick.

Thank you, Stroller. I think you are probably right on the money there ... as long as he pops back to munch a few nasties I'm happy.

15 Jun, 2010

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