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wheres my muse today....?


By mookins


today we have been out in the garden but we are lacking enthusiasim in one particular corner. Its bugging me… im sure its whispering to me aswel, ive tried to be happy with it but its no good.

At first I loved this corner but now I think it looks “kak” to be honest.

its a mound with possibly a rose of somesort (label lost) which looks bored, then I have my little white clouds (names are in my pictures) and a poorly and not so poorly delpheniums.
oh yes and my ceramic ladybirds. Now it did have stones round the edge but got rid of them.

someone throw some ideas at me before it keeps me awake at nights

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what about something against the fence in the corner, a climber with bright flowers, then the small flowers in front with your lovely fairy, the lady birds may look better when more flowers around them,, they look a little lost mookins,, just a thought and how i could picture it , good luck x

6 May, 2009


Hi Mookins, isn't it weird how you love something one day and the next you decide its not right, maybe a couple of evergreens would help, Something bright against the dark fence, there are some fab grasses, i have some lovely bright yellow one's, or silver plants, maybe a mirror on the fence, there's loads you could do, I just dont know your style :) Clematis, now you can't go wrong with one of those :)))) .. Dee..

6 May, 2009


yes clematis was what i was thinking dee,

6 May, 2009


Dont know how big your garden Mookins but you ve got some great suggestions above before you start planting have you considered changing the colour of your fence?

Theres such a wide range these days and this would immediately brighten up the corner - a mirror on the fence daisydee ? one shock in the bathroom first thing is enough for me without another in the garden ! lol

6 May, 2009


lol BB, yes and colour with fence good BB we have green now and what a differance it made

6 May, 2009


have definatly decided when we moved here as soon as its dry enough that orrid brown fence has to go, am thinking nice fresh healthy green shade.

am hoping that once a lot of my flowers /plants take off they will cover the beds so maybe once the soil is hidden it wont be so bad.

Im vein enough with about 12 mirrors in the house so will leave that one but thanks for the ideas

x x x

6 May, 2009


Hi honey! I've got a yellow evergreen Euynonomus you could have, which will climb up the fence quite happily. Can' remember the proper name, eeeeek!! (something to do with "gold"!!!!) That will save you some pennies too. Once the other plants are bigger, you could always dig it out if you get fed up with it?

6 May, 2009


ive looked at evergreens but havent any knowledge on them so think ive shyed away from these. it sounds great CN but would feel happier if you pm me more details so I dont kill it.

think one of my ladybirds looks like its going to scuttle off, its bored hehe

x x x

6 May, 2009


lol mookins,,

6 May, 2009


Be careful it doesn't get attacked by aphids this summer, lol!!!

6 May, 2009

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