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Update on the wildlife....


So the bird feeding station is up and joy of joy’s I have a regular visitor already, a lovely wood pigeon. Now I thought this was a cause for celebration and I do not mind admitting I was beside myself over this. My enthusiasm was not really shared by the bloke and Harry ( I have forgiven Annie for not getting too excited – she is only 11 weeks old after all). I was bouncing up and down scrambling for Harry’s RSPB book of garden birds to try to get him to identify the “mystery bird” with the bloke looking on and very helpfully stating “It’s a pigeon” with a tone of stoicism that was, quite frankly, uncalled for so I persevered and Harry saw the picture in his book and corrected his father “No Daddy, you’re wrong, it’s a WOOD pigeon”. Don’t worry, I was the bigger person and didn’t laugh in the bloke’s face and I refrained from doing my “I told you so” dance, and what did I get for my matureness? The bloke stomping out muttering about “…it’s a blo*dy pigeon not a s*ddin’ albatross…” and so on and so such. So I was that happy over a bird, imagine how happy I am now that some of my seeds are sprouting – I am even ignoring the fact that I don’t like rocket and the rocket seems to be doing the best, I truly felt that the nature wouldn’t work because I was asking it to, but I should have known better. Not really sure what to do with them now, mind, so back to the books for the next step – how organised am I? Anyway, my mum popped over yesterday and I was telling her how I am going to dismantle our very old and past it’s best wooden bench and create a woodpile next to the small nettle patch next to my buddleia, and from the mouth of someone who should be wiser based on life experience sniffs at me “You’d be better with a log pile”. Mother didn’t appreciate me pointing out that I want to conserve nature so encouraging the hacking down of tree’s because it appealed to my mum’s aestetic values didn’t go down too well. So in essence, I have manged to annoy pretty much everyone in my life, hooray. Oh and I have ordered a water butt – can’t wait to see the bloke’s face when that arrives!!! Miss C

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Hee Hee, this made me smile! I have a hubby a bit like that, hope you get some more birds on the feeding station soon i'm sure once they know its there you will be rifling through the pages of your book!! Good Luck!

4 Apr, 2009


You'll be really pleased with the water butt. I have several of those and find them very useful.
The day isn't over yet, so maybe you have time to annoy a few more people ? Lol.
Seeds sprouting is good news :o)
Wood pigeon is on my latest photo ~ along with Gromit. Lol.

4 Apr, 2009


I've a couple of waterbutts, but the best one is a wheelie bin i bought of the council, as an extra bin, and had a tap put init, and beleive me it holds loads & loads of water.

4 Apr, 2009


That's a brilliant idea, Clarice.
Do you have a photo of it on your GoY pictures ?

4 Apr, 2009


Yes, that's a great idea, Clarice. Free water on wheels, does that mean you can move it to where you need it in the garden ? Do you link it up to a down-pipe or gutter to collect the water? I'd love to see a picture of it too.

5 Apr, 2009


I actually have a spare wheelie bin and it never occured to me to do that!!! Excellent idea!

5 Apr, 2009


Missclueless! Your blog made me laugh, coz I've been exactly the same! We did the "bird watch" in january and ever since, I've been like a child hopping about every time birds come to our garden!!! I've now got 7, yes, 7 birdfeeders of sorts. I'm now going to order another 1, coz loads of birds squabble over the niger seeds! I even bought a lil' bag of wool for the birds to line their nests with.

I have made a log pile with some wood my neighbour's gave me. They needed chopping to use for the log fire in our sitting room, but my poor ol' hubby found it really tough to do! So, much to my delight, I've used most of them under the apple tree, and it looks really natural!

You're a woman after my own heart! I've bought all my plants with wildlife in mind! Good luck with your garden too!

6 Apr, 2009


Great blog MissC. I had a good laugh.
I love watching the birds at the feeders. They are so interesting. Murray is the same way as your bloke. "There's a bird on your feeder," says he. "What does it look like?", asks me. "I don't has feathers. Kind of a browny greyish blackish whitish colour", says he. Very helpful. LOL

7 Apr, 2009

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