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peeing on the lawn


I have heard from 2 different sources that human urine (male pee) is good for the lawn, any ideas?

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I think its supposed to deter vermin

16 Nov, 2012


supposed to be good in the composter

16 Nov, 2012


It acts as an accelerator in the compost!

16 Nov, 2012


It is an excellent fertiliser that can be used neat, or diluted about 10 times it's volume.
So for the boys out there when you get cut short, and no ones looking, a quick pee in your watering can, topped up with water and used straight away is the most natural fertiliser you can get.
As to smell, fresh urine no problems.
For the girls, it is suggested that your samples are particularly useful for leeks and onions.

So now you know how the expression " going for a leak" originated.

17 Nov, 2012


It is a good fertilizer - its full of nitrogen, specially the first one in the morning. If nothing else, use as an activator on your compost heap, but if you pee directly on the grass, you'll find where you've done it, the grass will grow lush, very green, and long. Which you might not want in only one or two areas of the whole lawn...

17 Nov, 2012

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