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Hi to everyone,
This my first ever blog but here goes.For some years I have been developing a community garden here in Nottinghamshire. I have received support in some areas but for some reason some people have been against it.
I have been working with school children and some adults with mild social interaction problems. I am always looking for additional help. We normally have a website but at this moment in time our website provider has decided to start charging so we I mean my youngest daughter, is developing a new one which I believe will be on Facebook.I have also had a past year of poor health which has complicated things somewhat.The good news is that a new gardening year is with us.I will try and do a regular blog whenever I can plus I will put some photos on my page so that we all can see how things are developing on site, I am also looking forward to a meeting with a new group soon.I just have to get my last operation over and done with on the 26th January 2017.
Next time I will put more gardening news on the blog. Remember to start sowing your onion seeds & sweetpea flowers can be sown anytime now. I find for the best results with sweetpea seeds do not soak them but do chip the outer hard seed case with a very sharp knife or a nail file.Also they have a deep root system so a pot like a pot noodle pot will do fine. Here’s hoping that the sun comes out, the ground gets drier and we can all start engaging with mother nature again.
Back soon
Mick from ACLG

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Very good news Mick. Some funding may be available from Children in Need or other charitable funds, to get
nice easy lightweight tools , or rotovating done. Donated tools tend to be heavy ones that people dont want.
Thanks for the Sweet Pea tip, I soaked mine, they havent germinated. Will get some more. We live and learn.

21 Jan, 2017


Sounds a very worthwhile project Mick. Lets hope the objectors soon see the value of it.

21 Jan, 2017


Welcome Mick, always some people that haven't the time or patience to realise that everyone has a right to be involved in the community, even though some might have to receive extra help and guidance, hope your health improves and good luck with the new website....

21 Jan, 2017


Good luck with the venture. it will be an assest once everyone realises how it helps. hope 2017 becomes a good year for you. as for sweet peas I don't do either, just pot them up usually late Nov /December and let mother nature do her thing. I guess its a way of speeding up the natural uptake procedure.

look forward to further blogs :o)

21 Jan, 2017


Well done Bro. I will be watching to get tips and advice from you. X

21 Jan, 2017


You are doing a wonderful job. I hope your op is successful and everything goes to plan for you. Looking forward to further blogs from you
Best wishes

22 Jan, 2017


Its a nice project Mick...I wish you well with it and with your health issues, of course. Perhaps a few photos? when the garden is up and running again in the spring/summer.
allthe best, I always prefer to chip Sweet peas rather than soak. Although, I haven't grown any since being in my new garden( 2 years now) even though I bought some seedslast year.

22 Jan, 2017


Hi again fellow gardens,
The news is that my operation on Thursday 26th January has been cancelled as of midday today the 24th January. That's the world we all live in today. I was walking round the project when I received the phone call showing a fellow gardener around who says he has many contacts that want to come on board with the project.
Plus he said he has had donated to his group £100 that had to be spent on seeds etc. and he said he also has contacts that can supply many of the things we will be needing.
I told him we can get some free manure but require transport . He said "No Problem" . I have been at this stage many times so we shall see. He does not come over as a false promise person and he does do a lot of work with the local council so things are looking a bit brighter.
The cancelled operation does give me a little extra time to get my allotments in order. As we all know the work we can do now will always help to get us better results.
Thanks for all the good wishes and happy gardening to you all.Photo's will be here very soon.
Mick from ACLG

24 Jan, 2017


Sounds like you could get some good help with the project, then.
Very frustrating regarding the operation. I know a lady who has had her knee operation cancelled twice in the space of a few weeks.

25 Jan, 2017


The best Osteopath in Northamptonshire told me
' Gardening is very good for back trouble.'
After 4 years I am beginning to feel stronger and more confident. Bone jobs are always slow.
Hope to enjoy doing some digging this year, which will be an achievement, and grow winter vegetables again.
Never lose hope !

28 Jan, 2017


How frustrating for you, all geared up in mind and body and that happens, lets hope it isn't too long a wait...Sounds good as regards your community project...

28 Jan, 2017

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