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The Elusive Mrs James!


You’ve all heard of my dear Mrs James by now, so I though it time to introduce you to her. This is a picture of us at a friend’s 50th birthday party, in a marquee in the pub’s garden!

The slight ‘bump’ around my waist is due to Mrs James ironing my shirts over a wok! However, the said lump has gone now, because I’ve managed to lose just over a stone and a half.

Mrs James is wonering what I’m doing, no doubt! I know that look very well!

This is a friend of mine – The Rock Chick! She’s a fantastic rock singer when she’s in the mood! That’s not me behind her, by the way!

From left to right: Mrs James; the Birthday Girl; a mutual friend!

I seem to be having trouble with that last pint – just couldn’t seem to gte it down properly!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your introduction to Mrs James. Not really a garden-related blog, but there’s nothing much going on in the graden at the moment! I just need to be occupied, and this website’s a bit on the addictive side!

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Well done mr james about time you introduced mrs James, By the way are the birds going on the table yet ?

24 Oct, 2009


She is lovely a pretty lady, well chosen, like the picture of the rock chick lol I always when younger thought head banging was the dance for rockers as I was one he he, not the chicken dance.

Well done on losing a stone will do your health wonders.

I don't think you can hear what we are saying as your ear must be full of ale he he.

As for not being a part of gardening, I have known certain people to comment on this and that is not part of a garden community, well I disagree as I have had allotments and we don't all talk gardening stuff on an allotment, its about all sorts, some of those that do complain are the worse culprits as they themselves have done blogs on a certain subjects then told others they can't. I just ignore them as advised. As long as its not offenceive to any one, I cannot see the problem in it. It some times feel as though we have a garden site of being a police state, GoYers are the best judges as they wont look nor reply, if they don't like, itl

24 Oct, 2009


great blog merfyn, lol lovely mrs james, you make a great couple, looks like a good time was had by all :o)
the last pic of you reminds me of someone,, ummm albert square and phil mitchel rings a bell lol

24 Oct, 2009


Funny, good thing the lady irons your shirt that way, most probably to keep all chicks away from your handsome self Heh, heh!!! good one.

24 Oct, 2009


Well, it was in the pub garden & I see some wedges of lawn with the sculpture. Night gardening & tips on face planting. Someone told me that you're never drunk as long as you can hold onto one blade of grass and not fall off the earth!

24 Oct, 2009


welcome to the family Mrs James

x x x

24 Oct, 2009


Sandra: Phil Michell has been mentioned many times, Sandra! I once had to really persuade a young lady in a cafe that I wasn't the said Phil Mitchell - she asked for my autograph!

Doon: Please - you're embarrassing me. I'm blushingas we chat! LOL

Tulsa: The bird table isn't out yet - I think I need to give it a good coat of preservative before I pin it in place! Then I'll take some photos!

Orgratis: So I'm never drunk then! I think I can always manage a blade of grass! LOL

Morgana: I feel better after losing weight actually; much more energy (although some would consider that to be a bad thing if they really knew me!).

Mookins: Your greetings have been forwarded to Mrs James. Thanks!

26 Oct, 2009


lol good one merfyn,,, you have a better sence of humor to phil mitchel lol

26 Oct, 2009


Lovely to meet Mrs James & see you both having a blast!

26 Oct, 2009

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