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impatiens omeiana


Does anybody grow impatiens omeiana the hardy species?
I would like to know how hardy it is.
At the moment is in a terracotta pot ,should I move it under cover ,before I plant it in the ground next spring.
I will be glad of any feedback. Thanks

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Hi merestead I think you may be better putting this on gardening questions rather than as a blog

19 Nov, 2013


I grow it and it is in the open shady damp ground for the last 2 yrs. It is in east yorks and has come through happily. to be honest I'd keep it in the pot and plant it out in the spring to give it a chance to establish itself. they readily bulk up too. A lovely plant.

19 Nov, 2013


I've had it for four years now - last year it did better than this year, but it's still thriving. Three bad winters (in balmy Berkshire), so it must be tough.
I agree with sbg. Keep it under cover now and plant it out next spring when things have warmed up.

20 Nov, 2013


I've got one, and it likes the shade. It hasn't ever flowered, though. :-(

21 Nov, 2013


Mine didn't flower this year, but has in previous years. I think it didn't like the summer we had

21 Nov, 2013


Oh well, if it survives this coming winter, I might be lucky next year.

22 Nov, 2013


Thanks for your help, I will keep it under cover for winter then plant it out in spring.

23 Nov, 2013

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