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Today was a very special day.It was the first return to our favourite Italian restaurant since the lockdown.We had to book the meal.Felt a little anxious but very quickly relaxed seeing how caring the owners were.Eating was outside only under 2 new waterproof pergolas .Pretty potted plants dotted around. All tables were 2 metre distanced.Staff wore full PPE .The atmosphere was so relaxing and the food delicious not to mention the wine.All in all we were very impressed. Mental note to myself must write a good review and return shortly!!
Leaving the restaurant we made our way to Marks to buy food.Here we had to mask up.Whilst doing this in the car,the elastic band (with which I always have difficulty)flicked my earrings off! One landed in the middle consul but the other one was nowhere to be seen. After much searching under,in and around the car,we decided to give up.Funnily, it was the first time I had bothered to wear them since spending most of my time in the garden for the last few months.
On returning home and having put away the food,I changed my clothes and, hey presto, there it was inside my underwear!!
So all was not lost,but a lesson to be learnt….do not wear good earrings whilst wearing masks!!!

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Sounds like a good day out, and glad you've found the earring!
We took up our holiday but although there is care in the shops, there's no evidence of social distancing "on the front" so we came back early to the barn where we are staying. We plan to keep out of the 'hotspots' for the rest of the stay...

20 Jul, 2020


So pleased to read you managed a meal at your favourite Italian Restaurant........good that you were able to eat outside, made it even more special!
I shall make sure my earrings stay at home, should we be tempted out ........

20 Jul, 2020


I'm sorry that happened Ang...just hope it hasn't spoilt your break away too much.
Thought I would leave some good advice in the blog DD!!

20 Jul, 2020


i'm pleased you enjoyed your meal out, it's nerve wracking the first time isn't it, I've now started nipping to the supermarket again,( was ordering online) always wear disposable gloves but for the first time today I wore a mask, we have to get used to them don't we, I was alright until I visited the freezer lanes, then my glasses steamed up, not a lot of good, plus the darned mask then decided to slip, the lady on the till advised me to hook the mask loops over my glasses as that is what others are doing as the same thing has happened to them, she also told me that the shops do not have the right to enforce wearing them, not taking any chances on that though, its a right rigmarole isn't it but we have to try and keep ourselves and others protected, as many of you already know I hate shopping at the best of times....I never thought about the possibility of losing my earrings though so thankyou for the warning, I'm pleased you found yours M'land, I already have too many odd ones.....Yes I agree you did have a special day....

20 Jul, 2020


Sounds like a lovely time had! I’m pleased you managed to get booked and have a really wonderful day! I can imagine it was pretty daunting for you both prior to going, good to hear your worries were soon relieved.
I know exactly what you mean about the masks, Julia. I’m ok with the hospital PPE. I bought some cloth masks and jings, they were tight. I have my helix pierced on both ears and it was a nightmare trying to put the mask on. Luckily, I didn’t lose my earrings as I had them done in January and they can’t be removed for 8 months. Crikey, in your undies! You must have wriggled a lot in the car!!😂

21 Jul, 2020


This mask was a more fitting one Kate,actually one I had bought from Screwfix when we had to use the sander.The blue ones seem looser but not so effective, I feel.
I've decided not to wear earrings if we are visiting food shops...can't afford to lose anymore.I always end up, as Lincs said ,with single earrings. You were lucky Kate.
That aside,we felt the day went well and can't wait to return. It's odd,when you are enjoying a meal ,the anxiety of Covid in the general public seems to fade.Of course this is the dangerous time when you could relax too much.

22 Jul, 2020

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