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Thinking back over that very dry summer(although it’s not quite over yet) the garden daily jobs have been so different from those done in a mixed weather summer.
There was no grass cutting cos there was no grass(eventually)!!…
The slugs were absent so vaseline barriers for the Hosta pots only had to be done once.
Hoeing was nigh impossible because of the dry hard soil and, of course, there were no weeds!
One big advantage was no evidence of blackspot. Less spraying had to be done. Roses seemed to save their energy for the second flushes.
The daily watering became a real chore. My arm muscles have definitely toned up.
Newly planted shrubs seem to wilt infront of my eyes even though they were watered daily.
Still our gardens survived it and showed their appreciation when the first rain showers eventually appeared.
I wonder if next summer will be a repeat.. I now have mulching on my mind.!!

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Me too!

27 Aug, 2018


It was rather nice not to have to get the mower out but daily watering was a bit of a chore sometimes!
After a spell of rain down here, everything seems to be greener than ever now and looking up into the trees, there are a huge number of leaves waiting to come down!! Where's the rake?!!

27 Aug, 2018


And us, we mulched last year the whole garden(it's only small) and it did save some of our plants, I am sure we would have lost quite a few otherwise....

27 Aug, 2018


If we get another summer like this one within the next ten years it will be a first! :) But mulching is never a bad idea and it certainly keeps the weeds down. I plan to do one border every autumn as it is so costly.

27 Aug, 2018


Yes it's been a difficult summer for the gardens, and for me too. I don't do well in extreme temperatures.
Watering the pots and vegetables took up most of my time.
I'm glad you didn't have so much black spot on your roses. Mine are no different to other years.
I don't want a repeat next year lol !

27 Aug, 2018


Keeping your lovely garden watered must indeed have been a tiring chore,but it would have been awful to loose stuff. And now you can have a rest from one job at least!

We didn't have black spot either, but the weeds were undeterred - we have never had so much willowherb, small and weak looking as it was in the cracked ground, and its still coming. Don't know where the seed came from as I haven't seen any locally.

28 Aug, 2018


Weeds are certainly showing their faces now... I did lose one small Picea, Stera, which isn't too bad. It's so good not to have to water everyday, isn't it?

28 Aug, 2018


I found keeping our lawns green a huge task. Barbara was in charge of watering the veg patch which took two hours every night. Glad it is over.

28 Aug, 2018


Watering just the back garden took well over a hour and I did tire after weeks of hot weather. The Offspring, bless them, often took over, and I was very glad of some respite.

The weeds including the hateful spurge took the heat in their stride. They're next for the chop!

28 Aug, 2018


The weeds seem to be redoubling their efforts now we've had some rain as if to make up for lost time. Germinating like mad, - but I'll get the better of 'em!

30 Aug, 2018


Like you, just watering the garden seemed to take hours every evening as only living here 3 years a d only really started planting this last 2 most really struggled. Some days it was just even too hot to take the dogs out and just got their paddling pool out in the shade. As you day, it was nice not having the normal slug worry. 😀

1 Sep, 2018

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