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I have just made a discovery:
Another site that i use “jumpcut” where i upload my photos to create a slideshow (or make a movie, but i haven’t mastered that yet) now has a link to Facebook. Growsonyou also has a link to Facebook – in effect linking the 3.
Just in case anyone should want to look at my pictures on Facebook or Jumpcut my page refers to me as:
marksbegonias – Growsonyou
Mark Butler – Facebook
Begonia_man – Jumpcut (part of yahoo).
I don’t know if many from GOY use Facebook, i know that i’m not really keen on it. Facebook seems less friendly than the other two sites, GOY is the most friendly by a long shot!

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Hi Mark I tried to find you on Facebook to add you as a friend but couldnt .

17 May, 2008


I found you when I searched for your name.

17 May, 2008


Hey Mark, I ws going to add you as a friend on Facebook but there were over 500 Mark Butlers!
If you want to add me there are only two Gillian Floyds on Facebook and I'm the one sitting in the garden!

29 May, 2008


Good grief, i would never have thought that there were that many Mark Butlers!
Gillian, i think i've sent a friend invite on facebook, let me know if you don't receive the invite (just in case i've done something wrong).

29 May, 2008


Im on Facebook but rarely use it I've found Mark Ajay and Gillian! Just waiting for my confirmation that u wanna b friends! haha!! Much prefer GOY i fit in better here! oooo u'll all get to know my real name!!!

30 May, 2008

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