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Yesterday i wrote my first blog on the yahoo 360 site.
According to the details on that site i should be able to link that site and this with “RSS feed”. I don’t really understand much about that sort of thing, but there should be an orange button marked “XML”. If the two were linked there would be no need to load photos twice and only writing one blog for both sites seems a good idea to me. I might have misunderstood the details, and maybe they can be linked?
I have also joined a group within the yahoo 360 group that is for members that grow Begonias. There appears to be loads of different groups within that 360 group.

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Hi Marksbegonias. Yahoo 360 and Grows on You are two very different beasts. One way to look at Yahoo 360 is a way to collect information from various different websites/blogs in one place. This is done by "subscribing" to RSS feeds of the websites/blogs you want to collect on Yahoo 360. Grows on You currently has 2 sets of "feeds" you can collect - New articles and New questions.

25 Jun, 2007


Thank you for explaining, much appreciated.

25 Jun, 2007

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