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In the greenhouse, looking forward to the new season!


Moving round the greenhouse, taking most of the compost off, leaving the last bit to be brushed off on the next round of the greenhouse. There are one or two tubers that i have found already that have gone rotten (there usually are a few). There were a few pots that came in off the floor in the third greenhouse that seemed very wet, i took the plastic pot off straight away and left them on the bench to dry out, hopefully. Some rainwater must have come under the greenhouse and wet them more than they should have been, i shall have to try and watch that next year.
I have also been looking through some lists that have come through the post from other growers, and catalogue from Blackmore & Langdon the main Begonia specialists. There is also Bellcross nurseries, a smaller Begonia specialist nurseries. From Bellcross i have requested Icemint, Silence, Emily Rose(which i ordered because i have a niece with this name) and Whispers – some were ordered last year but could not be supplied. As a smaller nurseries Bellcross can not confirm orders until after the harvest of the tubers, once they have all been counted – therefore i can not be sure of what i will get from there. Blackmore & Langdon do, usually, supply what i order – and from them i have ordered a new variety for 2008 called “Mia” along with another fairly new one called “Tequilla Sunrise” and an older yellow called “Midas”. From another grower i ordered a couple of varieties that i already have, just to build up my stock a bit. These are all the Double Tuberous Begonias. I have also ordered some foilage Begonias from Dibleys nurseries, the foilage Begonias that i ordered were Escargot, Rocheart and Fireworks.
I was reading a blog from weemamabell earlier, and the comments that had been left. Weemamabell said in her blog how ordering her plants she had felt like “a like a kid in a toy shop” and that “it’s so exciting at the thought of plants arriving” Also what a “buzz” she gets out of planting and getting started. There was a comment from “David” saying how he was looking forward to receiving his seeds. I must say that it’s nice to read that other people feel the same way that i do coming up to the start of a new season! I know that my growing is in the greenhouse as opposed to the garden, but i still feel the same way. Majeekahead had commented that she used ebay for some of her plants, i have purchased some of my plants from ebay, a lovely red Double Tuberous Begonia called “Tigger” and some foilage Begonias – Midnight Magic, tiger kitten, and Morning Dew. Also a cane Begonia called spotted angel wings that i’m experimenting with (i don’t know how it will look in a display yet).
I have been listening to the weather forcast, i hope we don’t get much snow as i always get concerned about the weight of any snow on the greenhouses, i don’t want the glass to break!
Hope everyone has a happy new year and a great growing season in 2008!

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I feel bad because all my time is spent googling for plants and doing research, ordering seeds online - not out there in the greenhouse doing real stuff (altho I did have to brush snow off it earlier this evening). I can't wait for March! All the Best for your shows this year!

4 Jan, 2008


I think everything in my garden was bought from the local garden centre - it's just 5 minutes walk for me which is very convenient, and I 'm not very good at waiting for things to arrive in the post :o) It helps that I don't go for anything too exotic so they have what I want.

I'm excited about this year as I feel (very slightly) more prepared than last year. Now I just wish I had a bigger garden. I love having the lawn and don't want to turn that into a big allotment but my little strip of veg doesn't have room for everything I want to try growing.

I've just been flicking through a veg book I got for my birthday, I'm pleased to see it has a section titled "tight for space".

Over Christmas I saw my uncle who grows a lot of veg - he laughed when I told him that I'd tried to grow courgettes in tiny little pots :o)

Mark, good luck for the shows in 2008!

5 Jan, 2008

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