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A not welcome visitor!


This is the visitor in the garden today and he /she is not welcome
The rat traps have been set and all the bird feeders have been removed.

The rat is a very good acrobat.

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plus its a cheeky one out in the day !!!

just had two in mine past week but they have now gone now "snap !!!" and used peanut butter as someone had told me on here, works a treat ...

I hate killing them but us gardeners need to be careful as they pee over everything and are covered in fleas.

hope you get rid soon , yes they will be back but hopefully not for a while

To finish on a nicer note how are your fuchsia coming on


23 Apr, 2016


I'd have had a fit if I saw one around here, I know there are bound to be some, I do have a problem with mice under the garden shed but thats right down the bottom of our garden and I think if they dared approach any closer to the house the dogs and cats would sort them out....

23 Apr, 2016


Hello Gg my fuchsias are growing well.
I have just looked at additions to your blog on standards once again very good.
Thank you
PS Haven't looked at the traps yet but will be going out soon to enjoy the sunshine.

24 Apr, 2016


oh dear. we get the odd rat ambling through from the fields. or possibly from under next doors decking.

24 Apr, 2016


You have to admire their dexterity, even if they are unwelcome! If it was a squirrel we would all be impressed, but as it's a rat - it's just sly!
A few heavy duty snap traps should do the trick, find where his path is and place it there against the fence or wall. Peanut butter works a treat, someone told me Nutella (combination of chocolate and nuts) worked well, but our mice turned their noses up at that, so it was back to peanut butter!

24 Apr, 2016


Ages ago the was an old shed in the garden that backs on to ours and we had rats visiting out wooden compost bin. Gerry placed a large paving slab at the bottom, and they didn't burrow in anymore. I think they were after all the worms in there. In the end The old shed went and we didn't get anymore rats.

13 May, 2016


We haven't seen Ratty again but we have caught two mice.
Our next door neighbours put down another type of trap where the rats take away the poison to their nests. This seems to be working at moment but we are still leaving our traps down
We think that their garden shed was the cause of the problem because the rats had broken into a bag of bird seed !!

13 May, 2016

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