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By marge


Can we have a discussion on what our New Year Resolutions are?

I have only got the usual, boring ones, that I don’t keep – get fit, get slimmer, be a better housewife, try and do one more thing every day.

Anybody more inspired than me? Can someone give me real inspiration to do something I will stick to!

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The only New Yr's resolution I've ever kept is the one where I decided never to make any more New Yrs resolutions. :o)
Sorry - not very inspiring is it ?

29 Dec, 2008


lol im the same as Hywel, i never make new yr resolutions

29 Dec, 2008


Give up smoking - same as every year! lol so again not very inspiring!

29 Dec, 2008


Spend more time in the garde - weather allowing of course.

29 Dec, 2008


I must not be such a hoarder.
In other words, I must keep less clutter.
Sadly, it is not in my nature to throw much away.:o(
I still have a dilapidated old bird table which my Dad made years ago from an old wooden toilet seat. LOL

My darling Dad used to say about things ~
"It might come in useful" :o)
Now, whenever I recycle items, I look to the sky and tell my Dad ~ "Look, it came in useful ! " :o)

29 Dec, 2008


Hi TT, I have always tried not to hoard. In fact I have a lot of empty cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. We were six weeks off moving to Spain, I had given most of my things to the Charity Shops, as were were going to a fully furnished place. Then the sale collapsed on us, followed by the Credit Crunch and nothing here is selling. The decision to stay in Yorkshire was made for us.

We have had to go out and buy a lot of things! Just to keep the kitchen ticking over. It has been a good exersise, we are very minimalistic now!

29 Dec, 2008


I can visit you and bring some of my clutter, and easily fill all your cupboards, drawers, wardrobes. LOL.

That was a blow for you with the Spanish sale falling through.
Do you think things happen for a reason and you are meant to stay in Yorkshire, or do you still have itchy feet to emigrate ?

29 Dec, 2008


I like my clutter. I'm never going to get rid of it. I don't want to live in an empty box. It would be too boring for me. :o)

29 Dec, 2008


Trouble is, Hywel, I rather agree with you. :o)

29 Dec, 2008


~Me too Hywel!although I must prune it a bit!

29 Dec, 2008


lol I'm glad someone does TT. :o)

29 Dec, 2008


Agree Hywel...never know when something will come in useful my seat by the pond was made from an old wooden mantlepiece that I kept for 20 years waiting for it to come in handy!lol

29 Dec, 2008


I must say I got rid of some stuff from the garage last week. I filled the boot up to take it to the tip but put most of it back before I went. .lol

29 Dec, 2008


Hi TT, we were bitterly disappointed, it would have been lovely to have experienced living in another county.

I think the moment has passed, it's going to be acouple of years or so, before the housing market picks up. My husband Roy will be 72 early next year, (I am not that far behind him).

We are doing our best to live an "outside Spanish style of life", building in seating areas in the sun, so we can eat outside whenever possible.

29 Dec, 2008


Hywel - your priceless .If you think your woolies bag might be worth something what would antiques roadshow make of your garage?

29 Dec, 2008


Sorry i dont make new years resolutions either, waste of time never keep them.

30 Dec, 2008


Hi Clarice, you are right, complete waste of time.

Happy New Year everybody, we are babysitting our grandson tomorrow night, so I doubt I will have time to get my lap top out.

Talk to you again 2009. Love Marge.

30 Dec, 2008


Man after my own heart clutter is only that to an outsider to me it is going to come in useful one day,or too good to throw out,or even sentimental value the list is endless,as to resolutions,I,dont make them although wish I could give up smoking again............

3 Jan, 2009


Hi everyone, thanks for all comments, i did not, in the end, make any resolutions, so there has been none to break.

Had a wonderful time with grandson, we taught him how to let the New Year in at 6 o'clock after we had a meal with his mum, before she left for her evening out.

We did it "Spanish style", eating a grape on each bong of Big Ben, you end up like a hamster with cheeks full of grapes. If you try it, use seedless grapes! You need 12 grapes, one for each month.

We did an English New Year at eight, with Auld Lang Syne, and then I got sent out to "do" Sparklers in the garden, (Grandad not well enough to go outside and freeze).

After that, grandson asked to go to bed, off he went and slept until eight in the morning, I was amused to see in the morning he was sleeping in a fleece jacket, he had come downstairs at sometime during the night - he had felt cold in my spare bedroom

Unfortunately my husband did not stand the pace, he went to bed too, so I sae the New Year in on my own. Hope it is not a bad omen.

Love marge.

3 Jan, 2009

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