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Been to Gardening Class.


By marge


Subject today was fertilisers. We learnt about N. P. K. and what they each do.
Nitrogen for foliage/leaves. Leaf colour and growth.
Phospherous for root development.
K = Potassium/Potash for Flowers/fruit.

That you have to think ahead, some need feeding before planting, some need feeding before flowering, some during and some after. They need differing amounts and type of fertiliser.

That there is a “Magic” Soil temperature of 6 degrees, this is when plants are warm enough to become active. Suggested that we use a Soil Thermometer, or test warmth of soil using your elbow as you would a babies bath. Watch out for “frost pockets”
Be in contact with your soil – is it in good heart? m= Is it wet? Is it dry?

Manure – What is it? = Organic Matter = it is a soil conitioner, It helps with Texture, Drainage and moisture retention.

In-organic matter, either manufactured or mined.

Compost = A growing medium (Substrate), or Something that is decaying.

We looked at empty packets to find the N. P. K., details and strengths for different plant types.

There was disscussion about “feeding roots” Is there sufficient in seed
Compost? About Plant growth stimulants Phospherous with added water.

Seaweed based feeders and slow release feeders.
If labelled “Organic” it has to be approved by the soil Association, or produced by them

Difference in Vermiculite = Natural brown, got nutrients in – Substrate.
and Perllite = Artificial, inert but allows light and water in.

Bear in mind plants need time:
Life cycle of newly planted plant Year one, sleeping. Year two, root development, Year three, leaf development. After this plant should be fully established in its place and flowering and fruiting can begin.

A lot of this sounds dull or boring, but we did have a lot of laughs over doing it.

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"Every day is a school day"

What course are you doing?

I'm studying RHS level 2 through correspondence and I get to talk and disscuss with my wife wether she is interested or not.

I imagine your classes are great fun.

7 Nov, 2008


Hi Treeandthings. It's not a formal course, there is a certificate at the end, but it is done on continual assessment. It is mostly social/lesuire, but today we seemed to get some good work in.

7 Nov, 2008


Not dull and boring Marge, informative and interesting. :o)

8 Nov, 2008


You say you learn at your evening class along with the laughs.
GoY is just the same ~
a lot of fun, with useful information and advice mixed in !
Marge ~ another good blog :o)

8 Nov, 2008


Hi Treesandthings, Pottygardener and Terratoonie.
Thanksfor replies, it's o.k., doing the Class, thedifficulty is in remembering what was said - I am the stage where i have to keep a notebook and write everyting down. This blogging business is suiting me just fine. I can refer back to who said what and to who ! Love Marge

9 Nov, 2008


This is a great blog Marge. I like to hear about plant feeds etc.
I've always given my plants cold tea and I heard it's full of potassium - good for flowering.

10 Nov, 2008


LOL Marge, I know what you mean by difficulty remembering! My biggest frustration too! Even when interested in something the brain just won't hold onto the info! :)

10 Nov, 2008


I was caught red handed cutting stinging nettles in the scrub land where people walk their dogs, they looked at me as if I was mad, if they had asked I could tell them nettles are great for compost heaps but alas I remain the crazy woman in the village.

10 Nov, 2008


Hi Ams, I didn't know that about stinging nettles, we have a field belonging to the local Council, at the rear of our proptert, every yeary after flowering time, we always go round and cut the bushes back where they overhang our garden, there are lots of nettles there too, we encourage those because they are a deterrent to anyone climbing over our wall. I can cut the nettles down, and throw them over the wall and then into the compost bin. Thanks for the idea - love Marge.

10 Nov, 2008

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