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New house new garden part 2...


Well my gardening buddies…that was an…emm interesting weekend….
Saturday freezing, wee snow flurries and hurricane force winds, the rotovator was out in force…the veggie patch de-grassed, turned, dug, chopped, rotovated, composted, dug, gritted, composted, dug, rotovated, composted, whew….time for a break.
Sunday…sunny, wind had eased off to gale force….hoorah!!! VEGGIE PLOT…aaaargh….dug, manured…11 trenches…dug, gritted, composted, dug, tramped, dug, edged. dug and dug once again for good measure. Did I say I was digging at the weekend…he he. I am just amazed that I could actually stand up after tea, mind you I did sit out and have a purely medicinal cider…I had to eye up the area to decide what I am planting where. Still haven’t decided…hhmmmm….tatties…yes. Courgettes..oh yes, lettuce, onions, white turnips, peas..yum yum..think I’ll give the carrots a miss as the ground is a bit heavy….I am told they like sandy soil, and despite the grit there ain’t no way I can describe it as sandy!!! Any other suggestions will be taken on some point this week I have to put the woodwork in, as I am told that it would look much nicer with a proper edge…more professional… comments on that thank you!!!
And just to really help the old spine to limber up I have a ton of gravel being delivered later in the week….deep joy I can hardly wait :-)

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Belated welcome to GOY. In a few weeks you'll be enjoying the fruits of your labour - you could be self-sufficient. Perhaps you should plant an apple tree or two - so you can have your own supply of cider!

30 Mar, 2009


Well done you! You deserved the cider.

No beans? Runner beans are dead easy.

30 Mar, 2009


Hope you enjoyed your cider. Have another :o)

30 Mar, 2009


you deserved the cider, enjoy the fruits of your labours.

30 Mar, 2009


With all that digging,and manuring you,ve earned the right to sit and plan and no doubt change your mind on a daily basis,thats par for the course. Nice to start from scratch sometimes,hope the weather is good for you so you can start with the planting and good luck shovelling that gravel.....

30 Mar, 2009


Your blog made me feel tired, you did do well congratulations.

30 Mar, 2009


Many thanks for all the comments...obviously I am surrounded by like minded people on the cider front!! Fourseasons..that is cunning plan in the best Baldrick just may take a wee while longer to mature than just popping to the local supermarket. :-) A couple of apple trees and some runner beans it is then...

31 Mar, 2009


A belated Welcome to GoY from me too. Talk about a busy weekend....and here i was moaning about having to dig in new flower beds.
I must tell you that sitting with a cider while in the middle of a large garden job is scientifically proven to revitalize, renew and rejuvenate......I have carried out many studies on this subject...using myself as a test subject, of course!! LOL.
I have successfully grown carrots in my soil here and it doesn't get much heavier or clayier than mine. Just make sure it is well dug over to get rid of the lumps and then sow your seeds.
And, forget the runner beans...just the apple for one more that way so more cider!!

1 Apr, 2009


Wow! You must have got superstrength from that cider!!! Let us in on the secret, we need some too!!! Lol!!

Can I just say I'm a nut when it comes to wildlife? I'd luuuurve it if I could persuade you to put in a few plants that the butterflies, bees and birds would like?

Your soil sounds fab. You could grow carrots in a pot btw. I've been put off growing them coz of the dreaded carrot fly, yeuch!

7 Apr, 2009

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